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RSRBR replay problems

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by CLIFFO, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I'm having problems with replays in RSRBR.

    Replays will start and camera will circle the car than skip straight to the end on BTB stages.

    Replays on RSRBR SE or RBR will play for few mins the stop and crash back to desktop.

    Never had this issue before and need some advice?
  2. You most definitely have had the first issue before, as it is not possible to view replays from BTB stages.

    The other one, I don't know.
  3. ok never really noticed :whistling:

    That just leaves the original track replay issue......
  4. Happens on any stage, or just some of them? Any surface and weather, or just some of them? Does it always crash at the same spot? More info needed :)
  5. yes any stage, gravel and sunny weather. Not sure about same spot will have to time it.
  6. Done a couple of test runs:

    45 seconds into 1st replay then 1:26 in to second replay on new bobs in ford focus 2010 and crashed back to desktop.
  7. I have never come across this problem before. I've seen it at the start of some replays but never happening part way through a replay.
    Sounds like something more serious too me. Have you tried running the replay after a fresh PC boot, or after closing most of your background services etc. Try lowering the resolution, or even try running in Windowed mode (or full screen if that is opposite to what you currently run).
    Have you got Camhack running at the same time, if so, try turning it off for the replay.

    I'm really guessing here, but all easy things to try.
  8. I'm running a res of 5856x1080 Eyefinity

    Tried closing other programs except for msi afterburner and SLI-MAX

    And yes cam hack is running when I watch reply, otherwise the image is stretched

    The game even crashed to desktop when I tried driving the 05 Lancer half way through the rally.

    Something weird is going on....????
  9. That is a lot of resources for an old game, maybe there is a conflict there somewhere but I have no experience with those settings. Sorry.

    All I can suggest is to take it back to a single monitor, normal resolution, no Camhack (you can fix any image stretching with RSCentre settings and Fixup.ini), and see if that runs replays ok. If still not, then something else is causing the conflict.

    If the replays will run ok with that basic setup, then you need to investigate the three monitor settings, maybe someone else can help who uses that rig.
  10. I try what you have suggested and get this problem sorted out...

    Thanks for your help :)