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RSRBR Profile "Cardboard:Contolled on Rallies" ????

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by James Knowles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Under my RSRBR2011 driver info under the heading "Cardboard" (English translation) it says "Controlled on rallies" Rabaring teszt verseny : Not sending files : DNF

    What does this mean?

    Did I do something wrong?


  2. You were called in for a check on the Rabaring Teszt Verseny rally, this requires sending in all replays and time files to ensure you were not cutting and your car's physics were not modified or setup outside legal bounds. Since you did not send in your files for the check, you were disqualified from the rally. :(

    You can find the listing of checks each week on Monday(ish) at the bottom of http://xi.rallyesim.com .

    Unfortunately they will not give you a break for not knowing as everyone running the Rallyesim championships are expected to have read and understand the rules. You can find the rules here, it has more info on the weekly checks in section 9 and penalties in section 10: http://www.rallyesim.fr/Reglements-2011/general/general.eng.htm

    At this point be careful to look for a check, another penalty will result in a one week ban. I am confused why they went directly to an orange card, you should have gotten a yellow. You may want to contact them and let them know you are now aware of the check system, they might ease your penalty:

    Edit: I should add you can only get checked on the official Rallyesim rallies, not the public session rallies that RD uses. However if your driver number gets banned I assume this means you can not log into the public sessions.
  3. A bnig thanks for the knowledge, Aaron