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RSRBR physics vs. original?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by todd92371, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Am curious to which physics engine you find more accurate? More to your liking?

    Just curious.

  2. One caveat to this question..
    THANKS THANKS THANKS to the RSRBR mod and it's team. the work that went into this- phewwww. I really do like it.
    I was just curious about your take on the differences.

  3. Not easy to answer this because RSRBR covers such a huge range of cars and physics that vary greatly.
    I guess you are only wanting to compare the default WRC cars with their equivalent in RSRBR. I find both ok, no real preferences, both are very good IMO. Since I mainly drive in RSRBR, I am pretty much used to it now, so I am more than happy with RSRBR physics.
  4. Since I don't drive the WRC cars much, I can't really say much about that. But the addition of all the extra cars and tracks make RSRBR a must for me.
  5. TBH I have no clue, but aren't the default cars left with their respective default physics? That's the way it's handled in Czech plugin and it's pretty well balanced, since the default cars are still pretty competitive against the newer additions. I'd guess that's how it's done in RSRBR, but I've never read deeper into that.

    What physics are is basically a set of parameters, like power, torque curves, center of gravity etc. In-game physics handling is always the same, just the input data change depending on the car.
  6. well I would say, as I am watching onboard footages from real driving I am all the time recognizing how the car reacts on the driver's movement and I am mainly recognizing that from what I have driven in the RBR.... I am also saying that I would drive it the same, I mean each move is so much predictable and familiar to me and I never drove it... just amazing feelings from that, I think the RBR has really, really close physic to real ones
  7. Honestly, I felt the original physics were better... BUT I am a keyboard driver, so I am not a better judge here :)

    EDIT: Also I think the newer physics was designed with the advancement in the technologies that goes into the cars as well, so until we compare it against a real rally car, its gonna be difficult... So we should pray Loeb, Attiyah, Petter to help us out here :tongue:
  8. There are a few other things that can be changed, like the weight of the car and its grip level. From what I have read at rallyesim.com that is one of the hardest things to get right. Too much grip and the car wont move, not enough weight and the car wont get traction. (thats a very basic way of saying it but its the best I can do with the knowledge I have;) )

    I beleive that the original physics are SLIGHTLY more realitic than RSRBR, how ever after you play it only a couple of times it gets hard to tell the difference. Also, as the cars have gained performance the physics have changed or evolved. the power doesn't really change, but the traction and hadling do. The guys at RSRBR have done a very good job from that point of view. There are a couple of exceptions in the A8 and N4 car packs but overall really good.
  9. I'm quite new to RBR, but I immediately felt comfortable with the physics. It feels very close to my experiences on gravel and snow, and the FFB is really good.

    The only thing I found a little weird was the the engine braking, which is very weak. When revving the engine, it takes a lot of time to reach idle. Anyone know the reason for this? Is there a setting for this perhaps?
  10. So you have experience in real life too :)

    Even I feel the same about the engine braking & revving.. Also I have experienced that certain engines doesn't achieve the engine braking of similar specs of different make/model. May be it was the engine properties that was implemented in the era of Richard Burns used to drive, since he was the chief experience contributor towards the dev of this wonderful sim!
  11. After playing alot of both RBR and RSRBR i think there very similar in physics if not the same, what i have noticed is that the RBR cars have a better default setup feel than the RSRBR cars, the suspension set doesnt seem to be a smooth or as forgiving in RSRBR in alot of the cars as it does in the default cars in RBR, tho to be honest i never realy like to play with setups because you have to load them everytime you drive and the RBR default setups feel fine for most if not all the tracks IMO.
    The cars i noticed the setup being a bit harsh most in is the new 2011 DS3 and Ford Fiesta RS it might just be that there a smaller car with less power but you get flung around alot on the bumps unless you change the suspension settings and ride hight IMO.

    Just my 2 cents
  12. I like the default game better than RSRBR to be honest. Not just the handling, but the whole thing has a lot different feeling, and the way you can start/fix things in the game with the RSRBR mod just annoys me! LOL I almost spent more time with configuring the game than playing! True I can't race online with the default game, but in rallying the most fun part is driving anyways, comparing times is just secondary for me! (and I usually like comparing to myself too anyways, so I can see if I improved or not, that's enough for me) What I really like in online racing is having side by side battles, and that's not in rallying:)
  13. You do know you can run sse in RSRBR so its just like playing the original anyways right? (with different cars!)
    thats how i play it, loading level by level with RSRBR sux, multiplayers not that bad but it needs a chat function so you can trash talk people your racing against between stages :p
  14. That is what we use Teamspeak for in our On-Line Rallys. :wink:
  15. From what Ive read from real-life rally drivers, RBR's physics are exaggerated to provide more difficulty. RSRBR seems to have toned down some of that to make the cars behave more realisticly, even thought it makes them easier to drive.
  16. Hello!

    We use Mitsubishi Evo V for customer Co-Pilot Experience. It is a standard group-N rallycar with 280Hp and aprox 550Nm. It has a normal Evo gearbox and manual clutch. Here is a video from 2010-2011 winter track. The forest loop and yard roads are on snow and the track on the field is iced. Hopefully it will give some ideas for RBR.

  17. Check out the realism level for Dirt 3.... I am not impressed yet for codemasters!! :confused: