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RSRBR install

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Roger Snead, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Can one of you experienced guys with the title thread, please advise on which Download is best. After clicking on download link on Warren's Tutorial page there are four DL's. Two multi DL's and two others. Which would you reccomend?

    This is some kind of intimidating deal for a noob JUST starting PC racing.
    Anyone willing to guide me through a total install with Skype(audio and share screen of my pc) for some $$?

    Also do I need to create a second profile besides Mulligawanty? I will not be racing online.
  2. It probably depends on your download speeds but I usually use the RallyeSim Server for my downloads. They are usually pretty fast.

    You can create your own Profile if you only want to use the default RBR, but if you want to use any of the addon content from RSRBR, you will need the Mulligatawny Profile. I only use Mulligatawny for Off-line and On-Line.
    If you install and use RSRBR2012, the Mulligatawny Profile will be automatically created for you anyway. Please note though, if you use your own Profile as well as Mulligatawny, you will need to adjust your specific game settings / options (eg. Controller, Audio, Graphics, Pacenotes etc) for both profiles.
  3. Well Warren, I got the nerve to DL RSRBR2012 at 3am this morning.I needed to do it while the other wireless users in the house were asleep, cause they are always resetting it unnecessary. Didn't need any of that stress. I just finished with it in its entirety. (3 hrs) 6am now. Had some scary moments with the updates saying corrupted files. I just tried each one a second time and it seemed to go fine

    I have to get some sleep, but wanted to ask you before I do. Oh, I gave it a very brief statup with double click RS Center, (settings came up) I closed it for now and then a Rallysim interface page came up and a "Play Alone" tab caught my eye, which I had read about. So later today we will see, how it went.

    Ques please....I read somewhere about bunch of files I have to click "ADD" for W7 exclusively? :O_o: Sorry, but do you know if I have to do something special now that I am getting close. Could you just give me a few pointer steps on what to do now.(later today after some sleep..lol)

    I hope it works, it seems to have done what I have been reading for a week now, but I am such a noob with PC's. I have a good feeling I might have got it right. Just maybe some final thoughts from you. It went better than I expected, but who knows just yet.

    FYI, I DL the complete car pack...ALL of it. I will not be playing online anytime soon if ever. Thanks a lot. Talk to you later and let you know how it goes. -Roger
  4. Sounds like you might be in the home straight Roger. :thumbsup:

    I'm not aware of any extra files needed for W7.
    I assume you downloaded and installed the 4 Updates for RSRBR2012? You need those.
    There are some special precautions recommended for W7 (basically avoiding the Program Files Folder, which I think you already have covered).

    There are some BTB Country Pack files for download if you want to run the BTB Stages, but I'd recommend that you leave that till another time, after you have the rest of RSRBR2012 bedded down. There is heaps of new content to keep you entertained before you need / want the BTB Stages.
  5. Before I started things up I went into the Richard Burns Rally file to look around. Found the cars, about 40.Opened up RSRBR )in files)and found....CarImages,lang,Sounds,Track settings and about 30 files that say Winrar archive when hover mouse :confused:?? (little stack of books)

    There was afile RXRSRBR that was EMPTY. ???? I can not find the tracks, Where might they be? I saw them go through the Extraction process, w/ the green loading bar extracting.

    The RSRBR in my files( described above) says it is 72.2MB when I hover mouse.
    On my desktop, (414MB when I hover mouse) when I doble click to open on desktop, named RSRBR v. 2012 exe. up pops a window to "RUN"

    Also, there is a icon label "all packs"" that when I ckick on, it also brings up a window "Want to install software" it is named "packs voiture All packs setup exe."

    Where would I see the tracks when I go to my files(path?) I am confused . Thanks
    Update.. I found out that vouiture is cars in french. When I did these DL I saved to desktop..hence all thes icons.
    And yes EVERYTHING got installed directly into C:\RBR ....guaranteed. But where can I find tracks in the files? ALL FOUR updates installed. I just need to find them or reinstall?
  6. First up Roger, STOP going into your RSRBR folder and trying to open any zipped files inside there. They are meant to be kept zipped, the RSRBR software opens them as they are required by the game. If you installed RSRBR2012 as described in my Tutorial or the Installation readme's, then everything will be ok. Trying to look for files to open inside the folders will cause major problems, and a mess that we'll never unravel.

    Everything you needed to install was described by my Tutorial. You only need the RSRBR2012 main installer, the Car packs, The Track Pack, the RSRBR2012 Updates (4 of those), and then any Car Packs as advised with the Updates (these are nominated in the Update readme's).
    Just allow the installers to install those and all should be ok.

    The BTB Country Packs that I referred to are OPTIONAL, don't get concerned about those for now.

    "RXRSRBR that was EMPTY. ????"
    It's supposed to be empty. It's used only for manually installed BTB Tracks, ignore it.
    All of the main tracks needed for RSRBR2012 are installed elsewhere within the main program. You select them from with RSCenter, the same way you select Cars within RSCenter.

    This Game is nothing like rFactor in structure.
  7. No, I did NOT try to unzip any files. I only OPENED RSRBR to see what was inside. I would not do that unless I was told. I just wanted you to tell you what I had, as I have never seen files like that before.
    Anyway, that explains why I did not see the tracks.
    I registered and it appears I am even set up for online. saw the server list were people are playing.
    I did not hook up wheel yet, but was able to interact w/ the setup interface, and I could see all the cars, (w/a pic) and tracks. (even have the BTB's) in the drop down menu.

    Everything went fine to my surprize. :) I am stoked. Thank you. I noticed on the pc it is in windowed mode. I should be able to get that sorted.
  8. Good to hear Roger, you had me worried there.

    You won't actually be able to run any of the BTB Tracks, they will be listed in your menu list but if you try to run them you will get a message to say they are not installed (yet). They are big downloads and I only install BTB Country packs when / if I ever want them.

    If you want to change out of Windowed mode, just make the change in the RBR.ini file.
    Your wheel setup should still be there from your default RBR install / setup.
    One more you may come across, after installing RSRBR2012, your Pacenotes will probably be in French. Just go into Options/ Pacenotes, and select English.
  9. It was windowed on my pc, but when I tested it on the TV with the VGA cable ....everything was fullscreen. I did not touch a thing...no adjustments at all. I did select English on the settings startup page and that was it. All the cars, tracks, excellent crisp graphics, wheel seemed even better.
    I am very happy it went so well. Perfect.

    One thing I know for sure, this is much harder than real life rally racing, I am dead serious. Those guys whip around at 90 mph w/o a single incident. Try doing that with this sim......impossible!! Yea they screw up, but this is harder or I have something wrong.

    Anyway it is a beut, and its all done. Thanks so much!
    I would reccomend to anyone..,...follow Warrens Tutorial, everthing falls into place. If you read the official website it looks 10X harder than it is. You could never convince me it was this easy. NEVER!
    The only problem I had was the updates, a couple when finished said they were corrupted. I just tried it again one time, and Bam! good to go.

    I sure don't understand why it's free:O_o: I have paid $20 for small crappy DLC for Forza. and M$ Flight $10 and $20 everytime you turn around. ???? Thanks for everything Warren.
  10. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Best things are always free...
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  11. Roger, you'd be amazed at how fast some guys can drive in RBR, and not crash. ;)
    This Sim is very realistic, many real life Rally drivers have confirmed that. However, it has a huge, long learning curve. It seems very difficult at first, but as you get used to the various cars, get your steering wheel tuned in, and get more familiar the Stages, your speed and crash avoidance will grow a lot.
    It just takes patience and dedication. The good news, the more you improve, the more you'll love the game and appreciate it's realism.

    Maybe we might even see you join us on-line sometime. There is a wide range of skills and experience between the Rally Club (and RDRC) drivers here, but we all just have fun. :)