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RSRBR Direct3d

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Rick Bamford, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. OK, I'm sure i'm forgetting something simple, but when I go to start my newly uploaded RSRBR2011 i get told there in no compatable direct3d device. What am i forgetting?
  2. Is there an external setup where you setup your video card? I don't remember there being one for RSRBR, I do not think you need to do anything to tell the game what 3D device to use.
  3. LOL, its ok I got it.

    and now I have found a new favorite.

    Mk2 Escort on Peklo...............................WOW thats fun.
  4. What was the issue?
  5. I had the resolution set to the wrong values. Once I did that right the game loaded.
  6. LOL Peklo... do you have any idea what that word means? :D:D
    It has something do to with Satan and devils ;) :D
  7. And my RSRBR name is Lucifer.............................no wonder i felt at home on this one;)
  8. Tried Peklo for the first time today.. speechless! amazing stage!!, if the author's of these track's have not seen their hard work in 3D they should! very impressive stuff, so much detail in the road conditions and surroundings, i feel like i'm there lol!

    I hope there's more like this :), back to testing.