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RSRBR 2013 ''Physics file absent''

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by SassEST, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. So I keep getting this error ''Physics file absent.Your installation of RSRBR is not valid.''http://gyazo.com/cc6ee94c867a94621328135e20bccc8b.png
    Before I installed rsrbr, rbr worked fine with patch 1.01 and 1.02.I have installed all the updates,tracks and cars.
    After reinstalling the game to different directories(not in program files) I still can't get the game to work.
    RSRBR 2012 worked fine.I have seen other people have this problem but no solution.
  2. That's brutal.

    It's difficult to say why it happens, but the most likely explanation is that 7zip utility in the game folder is unable to extract xyz.7z. It's just that Rallyesim cannot possibly nail it with one simple solution/fix because in the end it's guesswork and the issue can be caused by anything really.


    The only solution known to always work is re-installing OS, but hopefully it doesn't have to come to that. Good luck.
  3. Thank you for the help Porridge,
    I tried a lot of different things that I found from the links you posted but still the error is there.
    Seems like the easiest thing to do is new os.