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RSRBR 2012

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by Tonio Block, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Jeremy, this seems strange.
    Did you uninstall RSRBR2011 and RBR totally, and delete all files in the old RBR installation, before installing RBR again and then RSRBR2012?

    Do you have a file in the main RBR folder named physics.rbz? Mine is 248kb.

    This sounds to me like it is linked to the problems you had in the last RDRC Round, because RSRBR always checks the physics file to make sure the physics are default. Very strange. :confused:
  2. that reminds me to download RSRBR2012. should be the same as every year (hopefully).
  3. I uninstalled it all and reinstalled 100% freash the first time, everytime after that it was just RSRBR and its extras, im installing the all cars pack and all tracks pack if that helps
    I cant check to see if i have that file warren as ive just finished removing it all again to start fresh ..... again :(

    Quick update:
    Ok so ive reinstalled it all RBR, RSRBR, all the packs and still the same problem.
    the physics file is there so i have no idea what could be wrong.
    im going to install an anti virus and see if that might be the problem
  4. Well the only thing that we can say so far is that the problem must be related to RSRBR, your base RBR must be ok.
    I'd suggest contacting RallyeSim, running their diagnostic program, then asking them for help. Can't say I ever heard of this one before, but hopefully they have.
  5. This times are good with a s1600 car on this tracks? :)
    east-west 7:00
    mineshaft 5:18
  6. Hi. I already played online with this plugina few days ago, but now when I go to the RSCenter and press the public sessions option, it says "Server error. Try again later..." And this is since day 30 maybe. Am I the only one~?
  7. I have the same problem nowadays.
  8. Ok, good to know that the problem isn't mine. Thank you
  9. It's a server problem. RS released a patch to fix that. You can find the link on the RS forums or RSRBRLive
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  10. Ok thank you
  11. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    Hey, If somebody was to say, do a bodyswap with another car (AE86 with the levin, staret with escort) sort of thing, would that affect the original car's physics or anything? AFAIK it would only change the body length, not the original RSRBR physics for the original car?
  12. It shouldnt.. Well at least it does not change physics by changing the "body" or "model" of the car in Czech plugin. It shouldnt be very different in here. Changing only one of them could lead you in an error though (havent tried to change only one).
  13. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    I've done it quite a few times on various cars and stuff using RSRBR and CZ plugin,only one has failed so far, but that was becuase it was one of the cars which is used for quite a few different years.
    I just wish I was able to use my Mini S2000 swapped with any of the S2000 cars in the RDRC, but I can bet that it would be not allowed >_>
  14. any body have fix up1.7 ?
  15. I still cant connect to the server to set my profile etc, the guys on the rallye sim forum are trying to help but i'm still not getting anywhere. :(
  16. set everything up and now waiting for rallysim to confirm my registration for 2012. working fine in offline mode already, just need that confirmation mail to hop into the club rally on monday and do a test run for the tournament :)
  17. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium

    Great news update 1 :)

    - Mini S2000 (N4_S2000_2)
    - Mini WRC (A8W-12)
    - Toyota Celica TA22 (VHC_2)
    - Alfa Romeo GTA (VHC_2)
    - Renault Clio Maxi (A7K_2)
    - Mitsubishi Lancer evo X (N4_3)
    - Nissan 350 Z (GT10_1)
    - Ford Fiesta R2 (R2)
    - Toyota Corolla AE86 (Group_H)
    - Toyota Starlet KP61 (Group_H)
    - New version for night mod
    - New track Rally Poland 2009 Shakedown
    Modification for physics
    - Fix bug in RSCenter (number)
    - New 3D for VW Polo WRC (A8W-12)
    - New 3D for Skoda 130RS (VHC_2)
    - Fix for Puy du Lac "Bad conditions"
    - Fix for the Ford Sierra in pack A8_2
  18. lol, just downloaded and installed the original two days ago and now this ... haha