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RSRBR 2011 Problem

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Capetanios, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. hello im new in the forum and i want to ask y a question about rsrbr 2011.i have followed the installation steps exactly...I have downloaded and installed rbr via ISO.ive checked it and it played.Secondly i have downloaded the rsrbr 2011.ive installed it(not in the programm files),ive installed all car packs and then update 03.However when i open to play alone i choose car,and track and when i press the Go button it crashes there...so i cant really play anything.i have performed the same steps with RSRBR 2010 and it worked pretty well.i have also registered and nothing.please help
  2. Downloaded ISO? You couldn't spare 3£ for the game? People here delete posts concerning pirated software, BTW.

    There are several posts with a similar question, try those.
  3. i cannot find the game anywhere in my country what should i do??and i am not allowed to buy with credit cards etc..
  4. Play the version you have but keep looking around. It's worth having in your collection even if it's only for sake of keeping it on your shelf all the time.

    What do you mean by "crashes"? The game doesn't launch (or just blinks the screen) or does the RSRBR close with an error message?
  5. i mean that when i hit the GO button it just stays there...it wont load,so i cannot play any BTB stages etc..
  6. Does it load ok if you hit "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE" ?
  7. yes but it wont load when i hit the GO.
  8. Which Go button are you pressing? There are 2, the one above RSRBR2011 should start a single stage from the stage packs.

    The one on the far right only works if you have a BTB stage loaded in the RXRSRBR folder in your RBR directory, it should appear in the BTB track test window on the right of the RSRBR screen. You can find stages to install and drive here


    But they are not needed if you are trying to drive ANY stage included in the RSRBR country packs. Just press the launch RSRBR2011 button and it will take you into the selected stage.
  9. I press the first one that normally should start the stage with the selected car...
  10. it wont start with Launch RSRBR 2011 either
  11. no...where can i find the patches??
  12. Sorry, I meant the DEP part of the thread. The patches come with RSRBR, when you install it you are at 1.02.
  13. You are not giving us a lot of info to help diagnose the problem. :confused:

    Which version of Windows do you use?
    What screen resolution are you using, have you matched your RBR settings to those in the RSCenter Settings menus (the 3D ratio) ?
    Can you post your Richard Burns Rally.ini file contents.
    Have you tried running in Windowed mode.
    Does it "crash" when you hit "Go" for all different Car packs or default Stages. Or is it when you try to run a BTB Stage only?
    When it "crashes", does the green progress bar move to the right, but stop somewhere before fully loading?

    It appears that your base RBR is working ok, but something may be stopping RSRBR2011 from working.
    This could be an Antivirus or Firewall issue. It may also be a DEP issue as Aaron has suggested.

    It may be best to ask over at Rallyesim, they know far more about RSRBR2011 and also have a diagnostic tool that might help solve it.

    BTW, RBR is easily purchased for a very low price via EBay. :wink:
  14. He said he can't use credit cards Warren.

    What country are you from Captanios?
  15. Hi! i dont have any solutions for Captanios's problem but i decided to write about my problem to this same thread so no more topics.

    So, the problem. I start RSCenter and there is my login credentials and everything is right. I click public sessions and it says "Rscenter is not up to date. Do you want to open the download page?" and select YES. Now it throws an error message that says "You can't take part in this session, the server did not identify you! Please try again" i select OK and theres another window that has an link http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewtopic.php?f=351&t=4970 and there is nothing. Then it just closes the small window and im at the rscenter window again.
  16. Have you installed Update 03 ?
    I got that message before updating.
  17. ok....i have windows 7 ultimate 64bit i have the resolution in 1920x1080..i have matched rbr settings with rsrbr 2011..i have also done the DEP thing still nothing...i have installed update 03 and finally im from Greece
  18. Hi You can maybe help me with RSRBR2011mod, i have windows 7 there is tutorial for instal
    but its not so accurate. I instaled the mod + patch works fine i registered for online play.
    then i wanna start to play I cant change the controls+i have Xbox360 yoystick can i make them work with the mod.Problem is i chose in RScenter car,track.... loads goes in menu I can not move in menu buttons
    not up not down when i pres down the menu to change settings throws out on desktop? i wanna play this mod badly, i hope you can help me THANKS