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RSRBR 2011 All addon install size

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Terri Buenaflor, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I just want to ask you guys how much harddrive space does your rsrbr2011 with all the add on install(tracks+car) eat? with all the installer the total size is less than 5gig but when I install all of those the final size on the RBR folder is 17.7GB and I don't know if you have the same.


  2. Looks right to me, but I can check when I get home. You can save some space by installing only the cars you want to use, the full car pack has over 300 cars. The bulk of the space is all the tracks in the various surfaces I think.
  3. My downloads plus my ISO = 3.98GB.

    My install (which includes Update 1 + all BTB stages + all Car Packs) = 17.6GB

    So absolutely right.
  4. I see thank you all for your respond.

    got to say nice compression of files that is from 4gig to ~18gig.
  5. DDS files always compress well, one of their strengths.
  6. @Ryan

    Never knew that, thanks for the info!