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RSRBR 2010 Info

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. For all those wanting to join in our RBR Rally events in the Racing Club, we reommend updating to RSRBR 2010.
    I have updated the sticky threads covering Installation and usage of RSRBR 2010 here:




    I found the installation straight forward by following these steps, and so far the programme works well.
    If anyone has problems, let us know and we will try to help.

    Looking forward to some Rally action during 2010. :cool:
  2. Well well well its no joy fo rme with this game so far.

    I have installed every bloody update mod pack to no avail runnig anything thru the RSCENTER. I just getthe feeling that I am doing something wrong at the CENTER during the selection process of tires/ mods/ car packs etc.

    Have double checked it mote than once but seem to be locked out with the followign message: Physics File absent your installation of RBR2010 is not valid

    I have selected the following in the RSCENTER to run a stage from the club event

    Pack: A8W-08
    Mod: GRavel Mod
    Car: Suby Impreza WRC 2008
    Tires; GRavel Dry
    Country: France
    Stage : Cote Arbroz
    Damage: reduced

    Starting to get very frustrated with this whole thing since it has not worked from day one.

    Any help will be appreciated at this point before I just uninstall the entire rubbish pile and circuit race my days away.......
    Condidions: Good
    TIme: Daylight
  3. Eric, I see from the Racing Club thread that you may have solved your problem, something to do with Win 7 ????

    If so, you may wish to let us know what the problem was so that others can be helped.

    Sorry you are having so much difficulty, it all went normally for me, no installation problems at all. However, I have Win XP, so I can't help fully if it is Win 7 related. The installation instructioin does have special advice for Vista and Win 7, but I assume you have followed that.

    I hope you get it running ok, RBR is a wonderful Rally Sim, best there is by a country mile.
  4. Warren all set now. At Ralye Sim they have an instruction that you must create a folde path that does not go after "program files"

    SOOOOOOO C:/RBR for installation path is all you need........go figure 6 characters make a difference.......LOOOOL

    if you let the installer set the install path then you are running an XP install and it no workie so good
  5. LOL hell Warren if my incompetence leads to an improvement somewhere.....................I've done my part for humanity.

    Just had to read deeper into the info at RallyeSim.
  6. hi not sure if this is right place for this but how would i make my own online rally with rbr10 ?cant see anything on the session page that jumps out at me but i probably cant see the wood for the trees :D
  7. Mel,

    Open RSCentre, go to Public Sessions, Click Public Sessions button just below the Go button, then in that screen, look along the main bar at the top of the list of Rallys, the bar titled Public Sessions. At the right hand side there are three icons, click the middle one. It opens up the screen to setup your own Rally. It should be pretty obvious what to do, but be careful about the start time you set. It has to be the Rallyesim timezone which is currently GMT +1 hour.
  8. wonderful and thanks ,so obvious once shown :D
  9. Um............Just finished loading RBR and RSRBR10 to my new comp and have it working..........................almost.

    I am running Windows 7 on my bigscreen TV, when I load RBR nomally it runs fine but through RSRBR the screen size is maybe half size. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???????????????????????????????
  10. You might want to check the File:Settings menu in RSRBR to make sure the correct aspect ratio for your TV is selected, and that the RichardBurnsRally.ini (in the main install folder) has the right values for XRes and YRes.
  11. Thanks Damien, Got it, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Hi guys, i've recently bought a copy of RBR and have installed the RSRBR 2010 mod following Warren's helpful tutorial. However, when i load up RSCentre and try to select 'play alone' i get the message "RScentre could not recover informations, please try again later!" I have Vista so have installed everything into the directory C:RBR (including RSRBR2010+updates+cars+tracks) Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? I've already registered with RSRBR online.
  13. Sounds like it can't reach the server, do you have a firewall running?
  14. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Yep, i'll try it again without the firewall and see if that helps. However, would i not have been able to register in the first place if the firewall was the problem?
  15. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    TRied it without fierwall, but i still get the same message. According to the rallyesim guide you don't need internet access to play RSRBS2010 offline, so it must be something to do with the installation. I just don't know what yet!
  16. Hi Ross, I've just caught up with your problem, hope you can get it sorted.
    Re the connection issue, you don't need an internet connection to use the Play Alone options, so I doubt it is a connection issue. That would only cause problems with the On-Line options.
    I'm not sure how far you are getting, does the RS Centre screen load ok? I'm guessing you are ok to that point, and that you are getting the error message when you click Play Alone. Did you first Register with RSRBR2010? I'm not sure it is essential for Play Alone but from memory it may be. If so, what is your Username and Number, I can then check it for you. Maybe try retyping your username, number and password into the RSCentre screen again.
    I assume you can still run RBR from the original Richard Burns Rally icon on your desktop?

    If all that is ok, I can only suspect that something didn't install correctly wrt RSRBR 2010 or that some security setting is restricting your access to it. Have you disabled UAC within Vista ? Tried it with your Anti Virus disabled?

    As a last resort you may need to try re-installing RSRBR2010 again.
    You could try posting your problem on the Rallyesim website forum, they are very helpful (and you can post in English).
  17. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    HI warren, thanks for replying!

    I've disabled UAC. (did this when installing GTL a few months back) The RSC screen loads up, (so i have the 'play alone' 'register rsrbr2010' 'online championship' etc buttons there.) but i get that same error message ("RScentre could not recover informations, please try again later!" ) when i click on any of the online/offline game options.
    I can play normal RBR without any problems.
    My username and number is 'Ross McGregor' and '4084'. I've had confirmation emails saying that my 'inscription (sic) with RSRBRLive2010 has been accepted', so i assume that's ok.

    The only thing i haven't tried is installing RSRBR2010 with my antivirus disabled. Apart from trying that, i'm stumped!
    Thanks a lot for your help!
  18. Hmmnnn!! This is quite strange. I checked the list of registered members and your name and number are listed ok, so it is not that.

    I'll have a search through the Rallyesim forums to see if anyone else has reported that error message.
    It seems to be that RSRBR is looking for files that aren't there, so I'd be inclined to go for a re-install of RSRBR2010, the patches, and the car pack / packs. Not sure what tracks you installed but if they are the BTB ones, I'd suggest to leave those out for now. Maybe also just install only one of the car packs first, and try to select that one for your first test run off-line. I assume you have tried selecting different car classes for your Play Alone sessions and are getting the same message for all of them? If it happens for lots of different cars, stages etc, it suggests that some basic component of RSRBR is the fault. If it is only certain cars, check to make sure that you have the latest updates for the car pack / packs.

    Did you try re-typing your username, number, and password into the top section of the RSCentre screen. Even if it shows this info when loaded (this is normal), try re-entering it again.
  19. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Thing is, i can't even get to the screen where you can choose a mod/car etc. it gives me the error message as soon as i click on 'play alone'!
    I'll download one car pack only, and test that out.
    Just to check; i install RBR into C:\RBR. Then RSRBR2010, then update 3, then a car pack, all into the same directory? (with antivirus switched off)