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rSeat Rig Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Well, it’s been a while since we have had a new rig to review, but I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Rseats, who offered me one of their new Rseat rigs and a very nice Triple monitor stand to review. We will follow the usual format for the review as has been done in the past, Enjoy…..


    First Impressions
    The rig arrived extremely well packaged in strong cardboard boxes, and had been boxed with great care using foam and cable ties to assure the components were unmarked and in perfect condition!
    As I unpacked the components, the first thing that I noticed was the overall quality of the unit. The powder coat finish was the best I have seen, as was the metal work finish underneath. The parts are very well cut and finished, nice radius to the edges, well formed folds etc. The seat too is a very high quality item and looks the part!

    Nuts and Bolts
    This is a ‘centre spine’ based rig design, a tried and tested approach favoured by many rig manufacturers for its small footprint, collapsibility and adjustment. However, the Rseat has an interesting design twist. Instead of the usual centre column between your legs to support the wheel, this unit has a cranked ‘C’ column for the wheel mount that promises to be very good for ‘heel n toe’ drivers.

    Build up
    This has to have been one of the simplest and easiest rigs to build, all the major components are already assembled. It’s a pretty simple job of mounting the seat to its frame, then sliding on the gear mounting, wheel mount and spine/pedal plate. The rig comes complete with good assembly tools including a nice spanner and hex wrenches. It really will assemble in minutes! There are other little touches that make the rig special, such as the included and fitted cable tidy clamps on the ‘C’ column and the inclusion of a ‘butt kicker’ mount included in the rig! Overall, it is a pleasure to assemble and fit out, with everything fitting well.


    From the start, the quality of the seat is obvious, the nice gel-coat black finish to the rear of the units bare fiberglass back and the beautifully trimmed leather cover ooze quality. The stitch work was flawless and detailed and the fit of the cover was excellent. There are a few mounting holes in the frame side plates so that the ‘tilt’ of the seat can be adjust to suit. Once sat in the seat, I was surprised how comfortable it was for a ‘Race’ styled unit, however, I did find the foam felt a little thin, but judging the quality of the seat, I doubt this will be an issue, the only other point to make was the seat did flex a little, but again, in use this was not particularly noticeable.
    Overall, a very high quality item with ‘drop dead’ good looks!

    This is another strong point for the rSeat, with a wide range of adjustments. The seat can be ‘tilted’ via the mounting holes in the frame risers. The ‘C’ column mount can be moved forward or back and is clamped with double set screws and can be placed in both right and left hand formats. The set screws are quality items in themselves with nice, large plastic knobs, but the attention to detail and finish goes further even here. They also have swivelling plastic feet on the bottom of the threads, so once you clamp up the frames, they do not mark the powder coat like most clamping systems! Wheel adjustment is substantial also, you can easily adjust the wheel for tilt and height with the excellent and surprisingly sturdy mounting bracket. Pedal distance is a simple clamp adjustment too as is the tilt adjustment for the pedal ‘rake’ complete with an adjustable ‘heel stop’. Finally, even the gear shifter mount can be placed either side of the seat and once again is fully adjustable for both reach and height.

    Triple Monitor Stand
    To be honest, I could write a review on the Monitor Stand by itself. The unit is designed for up to 3 x 24” monitors and features the same very high quality construction, finish and adjustment as the rigs. The powder coat is once again flawless as is the finish of the heavy gauge steel work and the stand has the same quality fittings. Build up is again fast and easy with everything needed included in the package. The stand has a vast range of adjustment including, height, reach, angle, tilt and spacing, all easily set in a fast manner with the included tools.


    Driving with the rSeat
    This rig / monitor stand is a pleasure to use, the overall quality just shines through as you use it! With its huge range of adjustment, its simple and quick to find a good driving position, the ‘C’ column means that ‘Heel n Toe’ driving is a breeze and the monitor stand allows you to place the screens exactly where you want them with its large adjustment range. The seat is comfortable and again has enough adjustment to achieve the right position.


    The rSeat comes in two flavours, the RS GTR (for Logitech G25/7 wheels) and the RS Evo (for Fanatec and Thrustamster T500 wheels) but ‘upgrade kits’ are available so you can interchange one model to another. The rigs and Seats are also available in a wide range of colour combinations, check the rSeat site for more info at www.rseat.net


    Superbly designed and constructed, the rigs quality is undoubted, the finish is the best I have yet seen on a centre spine rig. The layout and attention to detail is truly impressive, the overall quality, stability and features must rank this rig up at the top of the pile!

    There are very few in the build and use of the rig, there is a tiny bit of flex in the seat tub (but this is not really noticeable in use) and a little movement in the pedal plate (again very small) and maybe some slightly thicker seat foam would be nice, but for me, the only real con (as you will see below) is the pricing!

    Value: 79/100
    This is what hurts an otherwise outstanding piece of simracing hardware! Without doubt, this kind of quality costs! The finish and construction are supreme but the cost is high, I guess you get what you pay for, but this price range puts it almost in direct competition with high end platform rigs.

    RS EVO and RS GTR rig retail at £469.00
    Upgrade kits £119.00
    Single Monitor Stand £179.00
    Triple Monitor Stand £269.00

    Quality: 99/100
    No brainer, uber high quality unit that will last for years and give a lot of pleasure, top marks!

    Functionality: 97/100
    Supreme design and function

    RD Rating: 275/300
    Only let down by its high end price tag

    If your looking for top end quality in a rig of this type, the rSeat must be up on the top of your list! Details on how to purchase this rig you can find at www.rseat.net
  2. Fantastic review, It was building up and building up but then I saw the pricetag....:( right back down again. I would have considered it if it was £300/400 with the triple monitor stand but to pay £470 and then have to pay £270 for a few bits of (albeit good quality) metal just to hold the screens up. Kick a little doesn't it.
  3. How well do g27/5 pedals bolt to the footrest I wonder with those massive holes in it. Need bolted pedals with a loadcell setup.
  4. They should bolt up fine, we didnt bolt G27/5 pedals, but im sure they will work great.
  5. Its a superbly built rig, the finish and quality is the best I have seen for this type of rig, but its a hefty price, none the less!
  6. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    If I would have the money I would have bought this...I have always dreamed of a seat like that with a G27 :pInstead of that I have do it with a wooden chair with a cushion and a loser-brand steer which doesn't even support variable throttle and braking...I have a bad life :p
  7. What you are seeing in the review is the pedal base for the Club Sports or T500 pedals, the GTR model is made exactly for the G27/G25, everything bolts on, pedals use all 6 bolt holes, wheel uses 2 bolts and the 2 existing clamps, and the shifter is the same.

    The pedal base doesn't flex at all. Extremely solid.

    I have the V2 GTR model, the new ones out now are the V3, the seat base is a little different, the shifter is able to be mounted on both sides, where mine is only right side shift.

    You will not be disappointed.

    There is a old chinese saying "Good No Cheap, Cheap No Good" it certainly applies to the rseat.

    Not sure where you are from, but here in the USA, they are selling for $500, that's in the lower mid range price of the different brands that I looked at, and considering the quality, its a bargain.
  8. I must say impressive indeed.The only one point i have regards to these seat frames....thats what it is... a frame.Since i have been in sim racing, i have built different variations of frames for myself, and friends, but always promised myself to build a racing cockpt based on a F1 design. This i have done!With a triple screen setup....a Ferrari based F1 car...a seat, reclining as in a formula car...and a stunning appearance to boot...... That is the ultimate for sim racers.Admitedly, with this cockpit, one setback could be that of space as it is built absolutely to spec and needs more room than a seat frame, but enhances realism to the max. :)
  9. Anyone find a way to get an EVO V3 into North America. That site is only for Europe so far.
  10. http://www.rseatusa.com/
  11. Site has been down for weeks with this message, that's why I'm asking:
    "In order to perform site maintenance, our online shop has shut down temporarily. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please try again later."
  12. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    My only issue is that the pedals are a bit low compared to the seat; they should be higher to increase the immersion - apart from that (easy to fix issue), this looks like a quality piece of kit.
  13. So are the only major differences between the EVO and RS GTR the wheel mounting abilities and according to MitLei that the shifter can only be mounted on the right?

    For $436 shipped for the RS GTR this seems like it's too good to be true?
  14. Wow i´m seriously contemplating buying this. I disagree on the price being close to the true high-end rigs like Visionracer, HumanRacingGT and Vesaro.
    It´s not even half the price for me, with triple stand on the high-end stuff it´s close to 75% cheaper for me.

    Mouse tray and keyboard holder i can probably make myself with some aluminum from work, thinking of getting rid of my desk completely and just use this.

    Brian, could you check what the distance is from your eyes while in the cockpit to the screen?