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RS RBR 2010 Problem

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Piotrek Blaszczak, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Piotrek Blaszczak

    Piotrek Blaszczak
    Premium Member

    I have problem.When i try to install this mod installer has stop on eax.dll file and not responding.I try delete this file and nothing.Also i try on vista compatibility mode and run as administrator but nothing.
    Thx for any tips

    Ok i sloved this problem.i hit the cancel button and installer ask me "are you sure stop installation" (something like that) and i press NO.Copoule seconds and installer finish instalation :D
  2. its normal it freezes for some time but then it starts again dont do nothing just let it go to the end it happens to everybody
  3. Piotrek Blaszczak

    Piotrek Blaszczak
    Premium Member

    I have another problem.My antialiasimg is not work correctly.I try to configure catalyst option and still nothing.I have a 4850 card with 512 Mb and the game dont look fine for me :(
    I cannot add the picture with my issuse :(
  4. OK, final edit:

    So, when I registered, it said "registration error", tried again but my e-mail was occupied. So tried to login on RSRBR Live without success, and now I also noticed I'm not on the drivers list. Offline it works fine. Can't join the servers as it can't identify me! Tried to register for another e-mail adress but now it freezes when I click register, with an error... What could I do?
  5. I struggled with it too, and others too. I think the registration fails when they have some server issues, so just try again in a couple of hours.

    It works for me now, but it didn't 5 minutes ago :)
  6. I have also found that some people have problems getting registered on the RSRBR Live Server after they have an initial problem.
    If that happens, it seems the only way to resolve it is to go to the Rallyesim website / forum and to request a manual registration. They seem to be regularly doing manual registrations for people lately.

    Here is the website: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/index.php

    Post a problem help request here: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=434

    Better still, send a PM to bluesky74 advising your problem, give him your Username, Password, etc, and he should fix it for you.