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RS Formula or Playseat F1?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by geordiepaul101, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. geordiepaul101


    Right, im doing it. Im going in. If the missus can have a baby, so can I.

    Which do I go for, RS Formula or Playseat F1? Or is there anything else worth considering?
    At present I drive a G27 on an GT Omega Racing Seat (its good to be fair) - I bought this seat due to reasonable cost, and in case I bothered with other car games. Well I don't, its F1 only, so I may as well sit in the F1 position, but I need advice!

    Thanks guys, and great website by the way :)
  2. geordiepaul101


    also, for anyone who has one or the other, please advise on what they are like bearing in mind use of the gearstick is necessary on F1 2013 for the extra buttons.
    TV-wise, I don't have a problem as the TV is dedicated for the racing setup so I can get or build a stand (I think!) and adjust as necessary. Or do they supply TV Stands, like the GT Omega does?
  3. smokin


    hi i have a RS formula and i am very happy with it i did use a TV for my setup it was on a regular TV stand i was a little work to get everything set but i can be done. i recently went to triple monitor setup and i highly recommend it. as far as a shifter mount for the formula i havent done that yet i still use the paddles my wheel has alot of buttons to set. i want to put a shifter on i have been figuring and looking for mounts i like the fanatec mount just have to figure out how to incorporate to the rig. hope this helps
  4. osy1950


    hi I have a RS formula, had both good and bad experience with Rseat. The formula arrived in a sturdy wooden crate on a pallet- very secure. The triple monitor stand arrived wrapped in corrugated cardboard- totally unsuitable. It was damaged and scratched only three monitor mounting screws were left in the box. It took 6 months to replace one of the damaged legs and despite many promises I still have not received the missing tools and mounting hardware.
  5. ice_kimi


    its too expensive imo
    1000 usd/eur?
    get Human Racing / Obutto / RS1 for its price
    i owned VRC Chassis which is cheaper alternative, first version had very poor seat (more like mouled karting seat)
    you dont really need to spend much money when you got cheaper alternative (now VRC has Sparco seat)
    the only CONS that i found:
    - Center pole like Playseat F1 but for F1 games, not really a trouble
    - Heavy to move
    - looks cheaper, not as premium as PLF1 and RSF1

    i have also real homemade replica of F1, far better than any of F1 cockpit on the market but its huge, take alot of space, very heavy and you must make by yoursefl pedal's and wheel support (as real replica, its very though to fix pedals if it has been fixed since building beginning)
    when you sit down, yes amazing feeling, you feel like real F1 driver but its very tight and no real seat its moulded seat, you may add some cushion to avoid suffering with your back
    the real issue its for leaving cockpit, F1 monoplace is build for being as tight and tiny as possible
    taller drivers have some issue with such cockpit

    but i prefer to drive on basic cockpit overall, F1 on basic cockpit is as good as on F1 like
    F1 Playseat and RS Formula are both overrated cockpit, get Obutto and RS1, its on the top of commercial rig
  6. Roadster-2