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RPM fluctuate at full throttle

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Sk3ptik0n, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. I am experiencing something I have not noticed in any of the various voideos I ahve been watching.

    Most cars, on most tracks will have the RPM (and relative gauges) fluctuate heavily when on full throttle.
    Strangely, this happens in certain parts of a track but then it won;t happen again in the second lap only to appear again in other areas. I thought this may be due to a bumpy track, but when I drive in the same exact location later it wasn't doing it anymore.

    Is this something that has been happening to anyone else?
  2. Assign clutch to a button. Fixed it for me. Also, run the wheel setup wizard.
  3. Chris James

    Chris James

    Same with me, I have a clutch, and have run the setup wizard a couple of times.
  4. Put a small deadzone in your clutch axis. 5% should be fine. Fixed it for me.
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  5. If you dont want to have deadzones like Stuart suggests try to clean your pedals potentiometers ... there are some youtube videos that tell you how ... usually that solves the problem.
  6. Your trottle pedal is not at 100% in calibration mode.
    Possible solution: use DXTweak2.
  7. Chris James

    Chris James

    This worked for me as well. I noticed that it only happened when my foot was resting on the clutch. Apparently if there is even the slightest bit of input on the clutch pedal, this will happen.
  8. Seems a bit weird because usually a clutches torque load capacity goes beyond the output torque of an engine at any given point.

    Ie, a clutch might take 500Nm, and if an engines peak torque is 300Nm then why on earth would a few percent of clutch input make rpm change?

  9. Stelios


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  10. Hmmmm indeed.

    The clutch logic must be fairly odd to get this kinda behaviour.
  11. Thank you for the kind replies. It does seem a bit strange to me that the clutch could be doing this. I will certainly try later, but I already have a huge deadzone on my clutch because indeed my potentiomenters at times make the clutch engage, so I used DXtweak to increase the deadzone to the [point where my clutch engages close to half travel.

    What I'll do, I'll insert a deadzone in the game proper and I will also try to take the clutch away completely by assigning it to a button (That would be a temporary solution anyway since I do use the clutch a lot).

    I'll report back.

  12. Yeah, i have no issues with my clutch in any other sims. It's regularly cleaned, and calibrated through the Leo Bodnar calibration tool. I have a Bodnar cable which keeps the values solid.
    This behaviour is exclusive to AC for me. Still, the 5% deadzone in game sorted the problem completely.
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  13. Well, I'll be darned, it worked. Thanks
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  14. Si3v

    Kunos Simulazioni

    I put a little deadzone for all 3 pedals... both min and max.