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WIP Roy Hesketh - Pietermaritzburg

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Paul Minnaar, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys.

    I've been working on this historical track for a few months now and have done about 70 hours work so far on it.

    I have already done 100's of laps trying to perfect cambers, AI race lines etc. and it's coming out great.

    Here are some pictures from historical photo's and BTB as well as in game screenies.
    n716918456_725465_4385.jpg DSC00444.jpg n716918456_725467_5202.jpg Hesketh 1.jpg
    layout top.jpg
    back into pits.jpg
    control tower.jpg
    top of beacon in car.jpg
    in bp.jpg
  2. Wow, looks awesome bud. Looking so real, good job!
  3. Cool. Definitely. This be appearing for rF as well?
  4. Thanks chaps.

    I will develop for GTR2/GT Legends/Power n Glory etc. but I use BTBEvo so cannot make for RFactor - when done, I will certainly give permission to convert it.
  5. Any idea on a release date yet Paul??? Eagerley awaiting the Hesketh Circuit........
  6. Ian, tough to say as I do not know if there will be any more snags along the way, I'd estimate in the next 3 weeks.
  7. Hesketh

    Paul will you post on the FB [page when the circuit is ready for release Please...
  8. Did some more work tonight, coming along.

    I haven't joined the FB group, I must do that.
  9. This is actually a Multi platform WIP (Power n Glory, GTR2, GT Legends and Race07) with the possibility of rFactor and Evo conversions - I just cant seem to change its status.
  10. Needing Beta testers - How would I go about that?
  11. I think you just started doing so ;)
  12. A view of the layout

    Changedthe shape of the entry to BP (See added skid marks etc.)
    bp entry reshape.jpg

    Grid makrs put in place, made a few different ones in most corners from overbraking/spins etc.
    grid skid.jpg

    The 'Link' has now also been included. This link formed the original track before they built 'BP' curve, its still there today.

  13. Have made some more progress.

    - reshape the curbs, they were a little too steep/sharp and if you hit them hard enough, the car would flip.

    - changed the LOD on everything, getting far better frame rates now.

    - have included the dirt access roads now.

    - reshaped the exit of Angels. I found mine was a little off when looking at certain images. Google maps could not help in this regard.

    Still to do:
    - model the stairs to the pits.
    - model some buildings like registration building/offices.
    - draw certain pit area marks.
    - get the shadows working.
    - put more advertising in.
    - another access road and tunnel to infield.
    - more spectators in some areas.
    - model simple low poly parked cars for trackside.
    - possibly get my proper horizon imagery into the model, not the generic.
    - texture the terrain ground/trackedge to look more realistic.
    - find a snag in my terrain in one area (the car jumps/flips into the air when it touches the one area)
    - get a little bit of of an undulating surface in the back straight.
    - marshals.

    Probably more but can't think of any.
  14. Hi chaps.

    Scratch the access roads and tunnel off the list - did them last night - starting to feel great.

    A view from just after the Dunlop bridge towards the tunnel - may have to adjust this as there may have been a short amount of run-off on the sides, need confirmation.
    tunnel top.jpg

    Here is a aerial view of the layout, close to the photo I have from a similar angle.
    layout.jpg Hesketh merge.jpg

    Reshaped Angels Angle. My original had the corner entering onto a long straight, I have now modelled more accurately. There is a short little straight before a slight kink and then down the hill. See the programme cover from 1952.

    angels.jpg DSC00430.jpg
  15. Coming together nicely there, it seems :)
  16. Thanks Raido.

    I must edit my posts. Angles Angle is meant to read Angels Angle.

    Did more work tonight. Completed the dirt access roads and entrance.

    I'm battling with some of my 'walls as marks' I have them very flat, at about 0.01, but they are still unsettling the car a bit. Collide is off, but driveable is on? Should I change that as I have not tested that yet.
  17. I think my initial timeline on due date may have been a bit ambitious.

    Even though the track feels almost ready to go, I keep finding little things I want to be right before release. I will need you guys help on some things as I'm a bit stuck.

    Even after 5 months of building and testing, there are still a few small things I need explaining on.

    So I'm not going to put a release date up until I feel confident it is round the corner.
  18. I guess everyone who ever made a track knows the feeling - "oh there's that little thing, it's not crucial but it'd make the track just a LITTLE more detailed/realistic"! ;)

    To keep you occupied, just noticed there's a kart track inside the Sweep corner that's still missing (heh heh heh heh... ;) )
    (And yes, I'm sure we'll all want to drive that, too! :) )
  19. Raido - The infield kart circuit you see in the the one aerial shot was used in the early days, but a far better one was built just east of the circuit and was also chopped the day Hesketh came to a close.

    Here is a screenie looking at the bottom of Quarry curve, you can still make out certain aspects of the kart circuit.
    Roy Hesketh kart.jpg
  20. This being my first track, I'm a little behind when it comes to 'knowing' how to finish it off.
    I will use the knowledge acquired during this project to great effect when starting my next one.

    I would estimate Roy Hesketh at around 90% complete now.
    I do not know how to do the following to complete my project, so I need all your help:

    • Shadows not working, but all objects are set to cast shadow and for shadow to fall on cars.
    • Sun is in the wrong position when rising/setting, need it to be in another position, do not know how to change it.
    • I have horizon merged photos of the track, but do not understand the 3Dsimed interface to change it - it confuses me.
    • Make the terrain/material merge better across polygons, so its not so sharp/BTB like. Eg, how to have two types of material
    merge together without a line separating them?
    • How to make a small track layout for the in game menu?
    • Is there a layered PSD format file for the load screens that one can use, or are the add-ons all custom made?
    • Do these classic track require start lights if they never had ? I don't think so.
    • How to get working marshals ?

    Thanks for the input guys - it's ultimately for your benefit.