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Cars Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i 0.3e hotfix

rover mini sport 500 1.3i

  1. eboo submitted a new resource:

    Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i - rover mini sport 500 1.3i

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  2. very cool, this is w/ permission i assume?
  3. :confused:
    Only at Rover Mini 1.3i Cooper Stage 2
    In the showroom okay :D

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
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  4. lol you're faster than me.
    I was about to upload a picture of the S2 version as well.:roflmao: Screenshot_rover_mini_s2_c1_16-8-116-14-25-42.jpg

    And the second problem I have is this =>
    I tend to set the field of view to 40° and then if I zoom out to have a better view of the dashboard, I end up
    "inside" of the driver's head. lol
    It was already like this a year ago, and you haven't fixed it yet?

    A few days ago, a guy on RD explained the way he can hide the driver's head.
    I'll just copy/paste what he wrote =>
    (in Driver3D.ini )






    FILTER=0.15 ; AMOUNT OF FILTERING APPLIED TO THE G VALUES. 0=no movement, do not use. Low values=high filter, high values=low filter
    MAX_G=2.0 ; Max G level allowed. G above this value will be clamped
    ROLL_MAX_DEG=-12.0 ; Head roll vs lateral G. Max rotation at MAX_G lateral G
    PITCH_MAX_DEG=-15 ; Same as above but for head pitch vs longitudinal G (braking)
    YAW_MAX_DEG=20 ; Same as above for head yaw vs lateral G

    Also, I notice I get some "freezes" and stuff.
    I don't know why cos the skins don't seem that huge or anything.
    But I never get this with other cars, except when I use ultra HD 8K skins or something. lol:unsure:
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  5. S1 and S2 version it's not done. Please use standard Mini.

    My cam looks like this and I can't fix it:
    acs 2016-08-16 20-13-44-21.jpg
  6. Yes
  7. NAME=driver gives you a modern driver.

    If you want to retain the 60's driver this works better.


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  8. hot fix as fast as posible!
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  9. The mirrors aren't aligned properly :p (Better to just use the in-built mirror function, as that will reflect other cars aswell)

    Glad this mod is being continued.
  10. I also notice that S2 loose mag skin at speed, they become invisibles tyres are ok
    Like mention it is a wip. On a positive note I like the progression between version. Hope for update soon.
    Suggestion: It would be great and logical to improve suspension of S2 accordingly to it's power.
    Thanks again
  11. -fix mirrors aligned
    -fix s2 bug
    -fix driver visible parts-helmet and face
    -fix front light
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  12. Ty for the fast fix, keep on your great work
  13. Thanks
    Assetto Corsa - eboo - Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i 0.3e T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-TV-Cam)
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  14. Can't wait to see where this is going. Against AI on stock + 595SS S2 it's a blast on short twisty tracks. Thanks for keeping this mod alive!
  15. The 850 Cooper S was the car I learned to drive on.
    Lots of time in that car...the 1000 and the Clubman.
    I can't wait to drive this thing to see how it compares.....downloading now.
  16. Lovely but please add rim blur, had to PS it on my own :)

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  17. thanks for bringing it back to life, initial thoughts:

    • shader for the woodgrain interior could be tweaked, in heavy clouds weather it feels very unnaturally illuminated, similar for the white seams in the seats, well the whole interior seems a bit too well lit.
    • driver hands clip through wheel when preparing to shift
    • steering wheel seems surprisingly modern? (i dont know anything about minis though)
    • mirrors seem dodgy
    thanks for all the hard work :)
  18. ^ 99 Rover and not a vintage, hence the modern wheel with airbag like the model bellow:
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
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  19. the next step will be the interior of a car-so you have to hold out for the next update
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