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Round #9, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
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  2. First of all I have to say I apologize to Campus to have made the race completely over there.

    BUT. What on Earth are de Jong and Simon doing with their comments? Alessio when out of the track in Ascari, and then braked (at least) 15-20m earlier than where it was supposed, and you both say I missed the apex and call my action a public server one?

    First of all I DO behave even in public servers, which already is more than some people here do in our server, asking for race fuel on warm-up, or saying the didn't even do a lap with race fuel. Second, I have tested for this race quite a lot more than it should be enough to drive like a public server manner. And third, both of you ARE fsr drivers, and don't drive in Pro, so you should already know the braking point for Parabolica is right a bit after the astro ends, and not before, which make a huge difference. He didn't have the speed after he went out of the track, and rejoined the driving line right at the end of the straight, braked way earlier, and it's me who have a public server behaviour? Are you guys seriously saying that to me? I admit I like the job you are doing with the coments stuff there, but for God shake, be at least profesional enough to check the replay and think about talking about those things before saying them.

    Other than that (and the touch I had with Ivanov i think, where I didn't measure the space cause I wasn't seeing the car anymore and was too optimistic, apologizes again) the race was funny until that moment. See you in the next one.
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  3. This is what Jordi San Andres Salvador makes me feel...

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  4. Bad race, okay qualy, need to get better, may do a sum up paragraph later.
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  5. Completely dissapointing. Exactly like last year in Monza my internet disconnected.
    I think i could have a chance to Win this Gp. The first stint was good, i pushed a bit to hard behind kuba and destroyed my front left too soon. Than someone destroyed every sign on t1 i have no idea who that was.
    Than i heavely miss the Braking point like Kuba and i get a stop and go. For some reason nobody removes my penalty i also slowed like 5 seconds down in that lap to get a sure "remove" for the Penalty. But they ignored it and i was very angry about that.
    3 laps later my internet quitted thank you Telecom from Italy, to ruin my Homerace second in a Row. That is just crazy unbelieveable, I think they spy on me or something.
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  6. Not thrilled really. I only had 3 hours total practice time in the last week before today so wasnt too optimistic but I had really really good race pace.

    Sadler was pretty slow in the opening laps and made a mistake at Ascari and as I went to go round him I lost my rear somehow. Damaged my suspension and I ended driving the last 24 laps on 1 set of softs and my wheel pointing 45 degrees to the right on the straights. I lost over 2 seconds a lap which was disappointing as it looked like I easily had the pace to fight for podium.

    Next time.
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  7. Lost the race at the start by failing in T1 braking. Glad I didn't slide to the middle of the chicane. Had pretty bad topspeed so that was my race done. Some contact from someone messed up the car a bit and I nearly ended my race to the wall in Ascari exit.

    Had contact with Victor which was me being an idiot...

    Mikko Suokas
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  8. 3 times hit, two of them lead to a 360 spin. Awesome yaaaay.
  9. Barnes spun his car after first lesmo and I had nowhere to go. Lost front wing and bent suspension. Car was actually not much worse after that :D
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  10. Congratulations to Rens and Twister for winning the Championship! :thumbsup:

    I still had good hopes at beginning of season to give you a good fight, but you showed you are in an league of your own. I hope I can race one more race this season and give you a run for your money :)
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  11. 13th...not happy, because I got lapped, again. Had I little battle with Mike, which was nice for some time. After that it went full boring. :redface:
    For some reason I have no speed with my Q setups. I only can do is race for 30+ laps.

    Hopefully next race is in SPA. Please make it happen! :rolleyes:
    Still in the top 10... yeaaaaah! :ninja:

    Aaah and congratulations to Rens and Twister for winning the Championship! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  12. My apologies for Sander Kalas. I saw too late that was removed marks from 150 and 100m, and I had no reaction time and was inevitable crash. I'm glad you continued the race.
    Sorry,sorry :(:redface::thumbsdown::(
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  13. Oh my
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  14. I'm so so sorry about that :( It was a silly mistake, I was still a bit confused and desperate to pick up the pace as whoever was in front had horrible lag and re-appeared right in front of me under braking, completely distracting me and making me miss the second chicane!

    Nice battle with Rando! :)

    Sorry when I came out of the pits with smoking engine, when I came out the whole field was passing so obviously a bit of a tricky situation and I wanted to keep the car moving as I knew someone had pitted just behind me and didn't want to block them. Plus if I had stayed stationary much longer I would've caught fire and BURN BABY BURN! :)

    Congratulations to Rens Klop and Twister, great effort! Nice race again from Kuba in only his second race! :)

    Please fix Spa, seriously hope it's up next, my favourite track! RFE converted from Codies so that's illegal I'm fairly sure but I suppose you could try change materials and logos as usual? :)
  15. I did p5 in Q despite a bad lap.
    I overtook Rens easily at the start and the next few laps just consisted in the GS guys following Kuba. I tried to stay in the DRS zone behind Jeroen and saving tires. Then Jeroen spun in Lesmo2 and I started to close the gap with Christof at the same time that Rens was doing the same with me. When I saw Rens pitting so early I though to pit much later to have better tires and not go out in traffic. But when I did my pitstop, I went out 2 sec behind him. I started to close the gap with him until someone decided to quit every single brake board in t1.
    Kuba and Christof were still on track with old tires that allowed Rens and me to overtake Kuba and Christof respectively. Then Kuba decided to pit again and the victory was just between Rens and me. I was closing the gap with him lap by lap until I lost the control of the car in Lesmo2 and a backmarker decides to defend his position like if he was fighting for championship or something like that. There is when I was screaming that very famous Montoya's quote: "F****** Raikkonen, what a f****** i****". Jordi San Andres, can you explain me what were you doing? because I don't find any explanation... Maybe I should put a big blue flag in the nose of my car because I'm not very lucky with backmarkers. I don't want to say that I couldn't win for this, but I could have finished 2nd for sure. Last laps I was struggling on worn tires and that allowed Kuba to close to gap with me. We made contact in Ascari (sorry, it was my fault, I broke on the dirty side) but he overtook me on the main straight eventually.
    Congrats Rens for the win and for the championship and Kuba for the podium. After everything, I got my first ever podium :D
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  16. I accept your apology but I don't understand if you think it's your fault, my fault or a racing accident. I think I rejoined my usual line in a safe time; I braked earlier becouse I was very close to a car in front of me, a car I wasn't battling before, and I didn't want to take risks in that contest. You too were very close to a car you weren't battling before, a car you saw rejoining track in front of you; what if I was one of those drivers that today were driving several seconds off the pace?

    I will write my race report after post race checks, as usual. My C7NX-02 was already damaged in first stint, now it's destroyed; sorry for her (it).

    Congratulations to Rens for his deserved driver champion title!:cool:;)
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  17. No, no, I'm not saying it's your fault or my fault. I see it as a racing incident where several topins just got mixed, and here we have a bad result for us. It's true you braked earlier tan I expected, but I also should have braked a bit earlier too as you had went out the previous corner and didn't have the speed we have in the end of the straight. So I just can see it as a racing incident, where you and I were involved (that's why I first of all apologized, as part of the fault is of course mine).

    But I wasn't mad because of it, these things happen from time to time to anyone. I was mad because of the comentators saying it was a thing it really wasn't true. I'm really sad we both ended our race chances there mate.
  18. Your lucky he didn't play bumper cars with you like he did to me in Imola :confused:

    It's rare that people make me look good on here...
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  19. Referring to Jordi?

    Yeah, he plain dive bombed me as well at T1 at Imola. No racing etiquette whatsoever. So many races later still... :thumbsdown:
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  20. So... you've got a REALLY good chance to win a race. Would do you do? You obviously decide to try the most ambitious strategy ever, which of course doesn't work. I should have pitted a lap before and I would have come out in front of Rens, but I missed first chicane like everyone else did and I wanted to make sure that I could show a lap time that was for sure outside 101,5% so I decided to stay out one more lap and that messed up my strategy. You never know I might have not been able to overtake Rens, but at least I would have had a shot at it. Still, at least I had fun on fresh tyres and I made broadcast more interesting. It sucks for you Adrian to be blocked like that behind that backmarker, because I probably would catch you if it wasn't for that.
    Anyway, congratulations Rens for the championship. I didn't know you could get it here at Monza, until people started congratulating you after the race.

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