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Round 8: Italian GP, Monza ( 06-11-2016, 20:00 C.E.T. )

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2016 DNA Racing League' started by Jas Verstoppen, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium


    Hey Fellow Racing-Fanatics!

    It's time for Round 8 of our F1 2016 Ramteam Racing League.

    Round 8: Italian GP

    Date 6th of November 2016

    Time 20:00 C.E.T.

    CU all on track! :thumbsup:


    Jas Verstoppen
  2. Monza? I thought the next race was Baku....??
  3. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium


    Monza and Baku are swapped.. No problem right?!
  4. Fair enough!! :)
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  5. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

    **** @Wouter Exel

    I thought you weren't able to race tomorrow ^^
  6. Same, but plans have changed so i will be there
  7. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

    That's a pity! :p
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  8. I still don't know whether I can race today. Just start the race if I'm not here at 8´pm.
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  9. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

  10. Bananaman

    DNA Racing Premium

    Little Intro I made (draft). 1st time on Vegas. Let me know what you think;

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  11. Tahts race was a bad joke so i have 5 sec sto&go penalty for im overtaking a spuned haas. After the laped drivers (Lewis Samilton and [RMT] Rolling Tunder ) sont let pass and than we have the Sc incident witch my end of my race couse the game think it will freezing http://imgur.com/a/cFiLp

    So i want ask Investigation for Lewis Samilton & [RMT] Rolling Tunder
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  12. This race was a complete **** show.. everything that could go wrong did go wrong. will upload my pov later tonight i hope..
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  13. I didn't complete the whole race.
    I got off to a decent start managing to keep second. Then I pit onto the mediums on lap 3 to undercut Fuyjin. But I got caught up in traffic and *attempted* to go around the outside of someone at the second lesmo, but backed out before I crashed. Then going through Ascari a Red Bull went off and made everyone slow down a bit so I tried to go down the inside of a Williams but spun out. Decided to go eat some food so I left the session and later rejoined to be a lap down and trying to unlap myself I tangled with a Toro Rosso and a Ferrari (Sorry about that).
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  14. My race ended at lap 4 or 5 after losing the controll on straight... Yea, on straight...
    I don't know why but I had tons of problems. Had low grip when turning and very low traction...
    Did my best at the start but it was worthless.
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  15. My race was moderately exciting but was f***ing annoying! :mad::mad::mad:
  16. Here is the Phatnthom 5sec STOP&Go :
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  17. I was off-track and it says you overtook me ilegally... :O_o:
    You got an underserved penalty IMO
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  18. This game is horse sh*t online.
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  19. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

    Qualifying Results..

    20161106202340_1.jpg 20161106202343_1.jpg
  20. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

    Race Results.. 20161106211114_1.jpg 20161106211118_1.jpg