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Round #8, Indianapolis: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. For some reason I went 2 times SS, this means, I had to do one pit stop because of S tires... ruined my race.
    10p. This track was not for me.
    Best part was Mike's nice dive into the grass. :ninja:

    GRATZ to the winner! :rolleyes:
  3. Meh spinning cars, cars spinning, was fun :) P11 in the end was terrible but what can I say... whatever you do to yourself, nobody can do.
  4. I'm clearly not happy with my end result!
  5. Looked very good for me. Had good battles with you guys.
    Only Christofs move wasnt the best, In the end it costed me 2-3 Positions. You cant pull over 1cm in front of me and than instantly brake hard. And it was even before the braking point and you had better tyres at this moment. So no need to brake that early. I had no time to react.
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  6. that was a pretty amazing race for me to be honest. I was very happy to see Mikko starting right in front of me after serving his bog early, as that meant I had someone I could work through the field with. Start was a little messy with contact up at t3 and I just about managed to get through depite being underneath eduard. From then on it was a case of picking people off, at first this was easy, but then Mikko and I got to victor who had a huge top speed. We were losing around 1-1.5 per lap so I just decided to hang back and save the tyre. Victor eventually pitted setting us free and we continued picking people off. I was easily able to make the one stop which also helped me jump a few positions and, had I not let all my teammates through after my first stop earlier on I am confident I could have got on the podium but kudos to mikko, it was fun working through the pack with you tbh.
  7. First off, congrats to Kuba, awesome win, in what was your debut!

    For me, qualied 18th (19th), but Mikko got demoted to the back due to a cut on his lap, i think it was Mikko atleast.

    All i wanted to do this race was be cautious, and try keep myself out of trouble, which worked, to an extent of not actually crashing in to anyone except a wall. Start was good, avoided a spinner, not sure who it was, but i managed to get to 13th, but ofcourse way quicker people were behind due to bog's, so i had no hope in keeping them behind for long. Brewer got past, and on lap 3 (or 4) i had to take avoiding action at the end of the drs straight in s2, as i didn't want to rear end Dan, so doing that i went wide, tried to keep on the track, but ended up in the grass, and tapped the wall, not sure if i had damage, but then Fred also went off to the grass and there was a cluster of a few cars, i think the grass smoke distracted him.

    I have no pace here, just never had a groove in the race, and was so much slower through the hairpins than most. Then James and Eugene (i think), came together at turn 1, as we came to t3/4 i was going to go up the inside, but put the brakes on more than usual as i thought he was going to still go for the apex, so i locked up and span around as i didn't want to cause an incident with him if that did happen. Sorry to James if i did touch you in that instance, i was already in a spin for it. So that pretty much demoted me way back, i wouldn't have been high up anyway, but then around turn 3 i clipped the grass and went in to the wall, and DNF'd.

    Hopefully the remainder of races will be better for myself. Was a good race to watch on the broadcast atleast.
  8. Dan yeah that was great fun. Probably best race from me so far in FSR. And you were around for the whole race so was nice fight.

    I messed up in Q1. I made a banker lap and went for a second try because it started to look dangerous for missing out on Q2. Then going to the backstraight I ran a bit wide and thought that I was able to keep it on the curb. Then after checking the replay I noticed that I had gone over white line. So I had to remove the lap.

    Race was nice and I had good pace on softs in the beginning. Decided to stretch it as far as possible so I can push hard with SS with no worry in 2 last stints.

    Mikko Suokas
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  9. by the way de jong it was winter and schgoer that crashed into eachother at t1, not me ;)
  10. Congrats Kuba! Great win and debut.

    I was a bit surprised by my qualifying pace as my PB before PreQ was 1:11.6 but I managed to do 11.3 in Q1 and 11.4 in Q2 which put me 6th on the grid.

    My pace wasn't too bad in the race either, I think it was good enough to battle for 5th but I made two easy mistakes that cost me a lot of time. Anyway p9 is my best result in FSR so far and I'm fairly happy with it.
  11. Nice from you ;)

    It was a horrible day. I even failed to be amid the Top17 in the PreQ. I did a shameful 1.12.8, and that wasn´t obviously enough...

    Then, someone wasn´t able to race, so I took his place. I didn´t start badly at all (in fact, I gained 1-2 positions), but I broke a little bit early at the first turn (it was my first race and I didn´t want to have an accident), and Cahill hit me. I´m not happy with the incident, of course, but I think I also had a part of responsibility.
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  12. I'm sorry but i see it completely different. Yes i did brake early. Maybe because i was 10km/h faster than usual and i wasn't fully on the ideal linie. First there should be plenty enough time to react. The gap was close but you could avoid it in the last second by slightly going to the left. Second: If I see a other car pulling over to the ideal linie and i'm so close to the front guy i lift a bit of throttle to gain a savespace. I do that alot of times and it doesn't hurt at all because to the Dirty air get's reduced because of the gap between cars. If i would brake a bit later you might not crash into me. But did you gain time? No. You will take the corner with 5km/h less because of the dirty air and you will loose that gap you just gained by braking late instantly when you take the corner so there is no reason to not lift. When i'm a carlenght in front of a guy i go back to the ideal linie that's for sure And if you are that close than you have to take action. I can't watch for you. You always have to think that i could brake earlier because i was on a higher straightlinie speed. You didn't so this was clearly not my fault. I might create a chance to crash but i can't do anything if the other guys don't think. And third i'm not on a hotlap. I always brake earlier than i could to save the tyres and to get consistent lap times. I don't risk driving each corner on full limit. Esspecially if i'm currently in the highest Place possible for me in the Race. That's all i have to say. Also 1:14:00 in the stream is a perfect example of creating a save space for yourself under braking. If you brake too late and the gap is to close you will crash. That's why you give yourself a Space. If you have the same tyres as the front guy the same topspeed and the same pace You know you can brake on your usual linie. But if you have none of that you Create yourself a save space.
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  13. I think that win was as unexpected for me as for anybody. I hoped to maybe get into top5, as I thought my pace was somewhere in the region of Georg's. It turned out to be better and after getting Pole I knew I could make something happen there in my debut. I was in a situation that I probably dislike the most, which is being caught by a guy with better tyres. You just wonder wether he's catching you quickly enough. As it turned out Rens wasn't catching me fast enough, so I was able to get the car home and win it. Thanks for a good fight Rens. You kept pressure really high the whole race.
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  14. I'm not sure if the FSR rules says something about changing line in or just before the braking zone but in general that is something you shouldn't do in racing.. it's unpredictable move that usually causes an incident.
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  15. Well i had like 10-15 fresher tyres i didn't expect that he would brake like he always does without a car infront of him. For some reason i moved to the left side. I didn't thought that a crash happens if i drive back to the ideal linie but it did happen. You might be right but only if there is a certain crashchance and i honestly didn't thought that a crashchance exists in this kind of situations. It turnt out to be wrong.
  16. Happy enough with qualifying as it was the best of the season for me although still quite abit off my pb. I seriously can't believe the race though. First my finger slips and I jump start and I speed in the pitlane by 1kph. My head was already messed up after the start and I just couldn't concentrate so had an absolute terrible first lap. I just retired. Im sure I would have had the pace to fight for victory but not to be today.

    Things are starting to look better though and I look forward to next race.
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  17. This incident reminds me a little bit of this! But without the epic crash :laugh:
  18. ya. and christof was going left even more near to me than there and without any chance for me to move to the right line or something. From where I should expect, that he go 10m before his braking point to the left?!

    If you do it you have to make sure you brake later than the guy behind.
    I dont want to blame you at all. The battle the lap before was nice and fair.
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  19. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Christof, imo, you shouldn't have moved back over, you had the move done if you would have stayed inside, yet you moved left right in front of Georg and braked earlier than usual, obviously due to DRS, but saying he had enough time to react is ridiculous, you put both of you in a position that didn't need to be, and you suffered for it.. Unfortunately so did Georg,, surely its just common sense to not pull infront of another driver just as your about to hit the braking zone...

    Christof at fault here...
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