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Round #7, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Thx to my P21 and back comrades for the rough driving, 2 spin outs in the first 2 laps from divebombers. The damage and ensuing difficulty driving was a real good afternoon. :poop:
  3. just to let everyone know if I get in your way or whatever, I was having an asthma attack from around lap 15. I eventually fainted on lap 37 so my brother retired for me
  4. Simply LOL
  5. Watched the broadcast, and I must say, absolutely appalled by the driving, a ridiculous case of divebombing, over agressive and dangerous driving, and when i say that, i mean worse than germany wt last year! I mean Ben Eastmen, no offense but what on earth were you doing? reversing onto the track and costing Adrian Falcon of a win? And not just that, there were other incidents that was just as bad. If i was running this league, a lot of people would get race bans, just to tell not only them but everyone in the pro league the driving needs to be cleaner.
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  6. You say that, when you took out the leader of the race and cost him of a win.

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  7. Meh. One guy just rear ended at full speed me when I was letting leaders by. Terminal suspension damage. Race did suck anyway, but it's not nice to lose 10 points like that.
  8. Hope everything is OK Dan
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  9. For this race I just aimed to get top 10 due to stuff I've had to do lately. Pretty surprising to get p7 after all kind of adventures :D Had some brainfart and forgot to brake at one point. Could've been some message distracting. And some overtaking situation in the last turns I touched marbles and lost it. For me 6 weeks break was a bit too long to remember how to drive I guess.

    At least I wasn't bored in any moment.

    Hopefully in the next race I'll be on pace again.

    Mikko Suokas

    Edit: Oh and Dan pretty bad stuff :S Hope you're fine.
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  10. Hope all is well Dan, sad as you were having a decent race from what position I saw you in!

    Say no more, apart from sorry Matti!
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  11. Big thanks to Ghostspeed for an amazing setup. I mean this year I had never started in top20 before and suddenly Im 4th on the grid.

    Didnt make use of it unfortunately. Had a horrible race and ruined some other guys races in the process. Sorry to MIke for the 3rd turn incident. I was on the inside and went over the kerb which threw the car off into Mike and he lost many places.

    Race pace very bad (not what I was doing in training) and had 2 spins which destroyed my tires so I decided to switch strategy for 3 stop.

    Very sorry for crash with MIkko Suokas, when I was having another spin (fun times) I was in the middle of the track and Mikko had no way to pass so we made contact and both lost front wings on lap 29.

    Anyway, 6th place, didnt take the maximum out of the car. Fastest lap was cool tho.

    Eduard Kõre
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  12. Um...wtf? I got lapped once and I definately made absolutely no contact.
    Took out the leader? For someone who just watched the race, your an idiot frankly. I spun in that corner because my tyres were fried, due to the damage I had taken earlier in the race. I saw the cars coming so didn't move as per THE RULES OF THE LEAGUE, and the leader drove into me. Don't exactly see how I can be held accountable for that?

    PS if you notice I dissapear right after? I was reaching for the escape key...
  13. yeah im better now guys, just abit gutted to be honest as this was by far my strongest track yet. Anyway onwards and upwards, see you in spa
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  14. Glad your OK mate, as a fellow ashmatic I know how bad that can get!
  15. I just love the blue flags in this game... I had to set 19.2 S1 just to let a car... That's 2 sec off the pace.
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  16. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium Member

    Ben if your tires were gone then why didn't you pit a lap earlier? You cost us a chance at the race win and Adrian did nothing wrong. You were in the racing line and it is blind so how is Adrian meant to see you? Don't stay in the racing line if you spin. @stop is absolutely right!

    Credit to Rens again, who drove a fantastic race. Congrats to Christof who did a fantastic race for us and Eduard as well.
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  17. The tyres and my reasons for retiring the car have nothing to do with what happened. If you look back to Imola incident I was penalized for moving in the exact same scenario how is this any different? People react to situations via operant conditioning you can't change the rules from race to race...and to be fair it's not like I continued I was in the process of retiring the car...I'd be curious to know if the game displayed the yellow flags from my spin ....
  18. I'm sure Carlos will sort it out guys... :rolleyes:
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  19. Q: 17th, but I chose to start from the pits. :ninja:

    I started from the pits, this means 26th place. Had a decent speed. I avoided at least 4-5 collisions. No spins. It was fun race for the first time this season.
    9th place. Next time in Spa I will do my 140%. :inlove:

    My apologize goes to Mihajlo Vicentijevic, because in the last S2 turn I went too risky, at least both cars had no damage. :thumbsup:

    GRATZ to the winner! :)
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  20. Ben, I just want to say that you stopped and tried to press ESC on the worst place and time. You only had to move forward on the grass, but you didn't.
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