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Round #5, Canada: Post-Race Discussion.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. -____________________-

    Thanks for giving me extra work.

    The red flaged will be investigated, ALL ACTIONS NOT ONLY THE RED FLAGED ONE.
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  3. I don't get why car is so different to offline when driving on this server. I was doing 20s with race fuel load offline then suddennly "puff" - 1 sec slower. Well, at least I have 10 points more and an icecream. Nice battles with Falcon and Kweekel though. That spanish PSR guy is crazy btw, crashed into everyone many times.
    How many cars were at T4 in first start?
  4. I went from 26th to 13th after T4 so probably 10-12.
  5. went from hero to zero really quick!

    put in a big 2nd stint 32 laps on soft tyre i think i had 5th secured but i had a pop up on my pc and my rfactor went off... sorry if i got in the way oj Holmes and the others. Hit the wall and the tyres were really dead so i lost another 2 positions and finished 10th... Could of been a podium day or even challenging the win...
  6. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I would supposedly be angry/upset for another retirement but this time the tears are joy, not sadness. That race was just freaking hilarious...red flagged too. :roflmao::laugh::D
  7. the worst I have driven in a long time in the race. Happy with pole but the 10 place penalty really killed me. T1 Tuulikas hit me into holmes I think and I had damage which heavily affected my brake temps and made them really inconsistent underbraking. I can only apologise to Holmes for our crash at t1. I just entirely misjudged how early the pack infront would brake and tapped his rear. The crash with Partington was odd. He squeezed me way over to the inside but I just about got the move done. The marbles had already been formed though and I just lost the back end and spun over the curbs I think collecting Mike in the process. Brakes started to fail really badly towards the middle-end of the race and I was really struggling, managing to only spin once which cost me loads. Also had a 22 second pit stop as I didn't know to switch repairs off. All I can say is Im really sorry for the crash with Holmes and luckily it didn't affect him too badly from what I saw.
  8. Same :D I retired cause it was a disaster :D
  9. finally got the feeling that i want with the car.

    Q2: made mistakes

    Race: Had a good pace and after the start I just focused keeping 2s gap to Rens and leave the attacking for the 2nd stint. I noticed Jorrick won't pass me if I'll get good exits from the hairpin. Hoped that he would wear his tires out behind me. Unluckily shared same box with Rens so just cruised the car to the finish after that. Feels like a missed opportunity but I guess it was OK race.

    Mikko Suokas
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  10. in grid 2 de nel what the heck was you doing I saw you spin almost everone came near you this is f1 not destruction derby I could of passed you a couple of times but decided not to and it cost me as my tyres were messed up I spun twice on same corner so i pitted then the usb on my sli-m decided to come out so i had no limiter I thaught i was under the limit so asked for stop-go to be removed but i think that may cost me. finished 6th wasnt great as was 5th most of the time. prob could of gotten 4th if it wasnt for de nel
  11. Not sure what you're referring to, but there was only 1 incident caused by me, and I let the man through.

    Also, it isn't De Nel, Mr. De Knight.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, you are probably referring to someone else altogether.
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  12. it shows de nel in race?

    Trying to see replay of race to see my pit but keeps saying mod not installed???
  13. Weird.

    Anyway, still pretty sure you're referring to somebody else.
  14. My race today. No damage. :ninja:

  15. No comments the restart because I do not know what happened. My first start very well, the second not at all.
    What I do not understand is why on this site is released the final track just two days before the race, just one day for the ace. What must one who can not train on Friday and Saturday?
    Mostly well as a track with bugs. No mechanic in the pits. Not finding mechanics I went into a panic and put the reverse thinking that I had not seen the arrow and I got the black flag.
  16. I also missed my pitbox :)
    Anyway the race was horrible. It was also expected due to not sleeping for the last 2 days and driving like a zombie (damn world cup). 13th place with 3 pit stops and lots of spins. Luckily remained in top10 in standings!

  17. You haven't missed your pit box mate, it just wasn't there. I had this, I stopped where my pit box should be and I checked backwards and forward searching for the red arrow. It wasn't there. So annoying bug... I know at least 3 other people who suffered from this bug.
  18. No pit box for first time for me too. For second and third time it was there :)
  19. Well... yesterday for some reason my car was in the pit lane on AUTO mode. It came for me as a huge surprise and it found my position. :O_o:
    Weird bug, because I had no problems in Warmup session.
  20. Before the race I was quite pessimistic about my chances. I tested the new version of the track the day before the race and it felt really different and my times were considerably slower, so I was quite annoyed about that.

    I didn't do much Q testing, so I was quite happy with p3 actually. I set up the 1st gear for the hairpin and t2, so I expected to lose some places at start. This was exactly what happened and I ended up in p4 after the first lap. After Clayton spun I found myself behind Mikko. I felt I was faster but I just couldn't overtake on the straight. It suprised me Rens didn't pull a gap to Mikko, so I really hoped I could overtake Mikko quickly to maybe close down Rens. I was really lucky that Mikko shared his pitbox with Rens, although it is never nice to take a position that way.
    In the 2nd stint I pushed as much as I could hoping to close down Rens. Tenth by tenth I managed to get closer. When I finally managed to catch up to him I couldnt get close enough for the DRS zone. I had one opportunity to pass him when he made a mistake 4 laps before the end, but I braked slightly late the next turn so I messed up that opportunity. The last 4 laps Rens didn't make a mistake anymore, so credits go to him. In the end I really didn't expect to be up there.

    I won't be able to race at Silverstone, really bumped about it since I feel we are closer to Twister as ever. And not being able to race probably also screws up my championship chances, anyway it is what it is. :thumbsdown:
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