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Round #4 Hockenheimring GP, DE May 4th

Discussion in 'Xbox One | World Endurance Challenge' started by Michael Watts, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium Member

    Round #4
    World Endurance Challenge
    Hockenheimring GP, DE 50 Laps
    May 4th 2016
    You Must Confirm your Participation in this Race (1) Hour before Lobby Starts
    to Receive and Invite for this Race.

    Lobby starts: 8:00pm EST
    Comms: Party Chat
    Practice: 20 mins

    Qualifying: 20 mins
    Warmup: 5 mins
    Green Flag: Approx 8:45pm EST
    Laps: 50* laps (49 Hot Laps with Parade Lap)
    Start: Standing with a Parade Lap
    Weather: Sunday May 1st 13:00, Clear, Light Cloud, Clear, Light Cloud, 2x Progression
    Local Race Time: May 1st 2016 13:00 (Time Progression 5x)
    Assists: FIA GT3 allowed Assists (ABS, Traction) No Stability Practice Accordingly
    View: Forced Interior
    Damage: Full
    Mechanical Breakdowns: On
    Tire wear: Real
    Fuel usage: Real
    Penalties & Flags: On

    Virtual Safety Car will be active for Two or More Car Incidents, Read Rules below.
    Entry List:
    1. Abe Wozniak / iHAM EAGLTHRUST / Corvette C7R #64 GT-Am HSF Racing
    2.Tom Senchak
    / the Dalai toma / McLaren #2 GT-Pro 888 Race Engineering
    3. Michael Watts
    / Michaei Watts / Mercedes AMG #28 GT-Pro Dyno-Might Motorsports
    4. Matthew Spurrell
    / Haveblue112 / McLaren #60 GT-Pro 888 Race Engineering
    5. Chris Bowman
    / AC Hatemaker / Bentley #84 GT-Pro Daredevil Racing
    6. Nic Worsfold
    / EpilepticToast / Bentley #85 GT-Pro Daredevil Racing
    7. Ben Wells
    / Zarf2ndAccount / Aston Martin Vantage #99 GT-Pro NeedRacing.com
    8. Chris Jones
    / asleepsteak / Corvette #3 GT-Am Jones Racing
    9. Søren Christensen
    / sochri1337 / Bentley #7 GT-Pro Christensen Motorpsorts
    10.Eric Cline
    / McNasty0421 / Mercedes AMG #15 GT-Pro Dyno-Might Motorsports
    11.Chris Chavana
    / Docholiday600 / Mercedes AMG #29 GT-Pro Dyno-Might Motosports
    12.Railer Cantrell
    / HRH Racing / Cadillac ATS-V #19 GT-Pro BDC Racing
    13.Sean Fleming
    / Globespy / McLaren #60 GT-Pro 888 Race Engineering
    Joe White
    / bigdaddvx2005 / BMW Z4 #53 GT-Pro BDZ Racing

    Track Specific
    Virtual Safety Car Rules:
    Leader will maintain an approx 70mph avg speed (2:41.0 Lap time) In the event of the leader pitting next car up will maintain said speed/lap time. If leader pits and is released ahead of 2nd placed car he must still pace himself accordingly to complete the Full Pace Lap at the 2:41.0 lap time.
    A Caution Incident at Hockenheimring, will be defined as:Two Cars with heavy Contact creating Performance Impacting Damage, or a Car loosing a wheel "On three Wheels" and trying to return to Pits. If a Car with a missing wheel cannot make it to the pits before the end of (1) Full Caution Lap they must retire to the Pits or not be scored for the remainder of the race.
    Single file Restarts, One Car Length separation, Leader calls the Green.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
  2. AbeWoz

    Premium Member

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  3. Hahahahahahah classic. I'm in too
  4. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Unfortunately I am out for this also
  5. In
  6. I'm in!
  7. Are you sure......
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  8. in for this, changes to Daredevil racing's lineup may be made before the next raceday after 3 uninspiring performances from the Bentley in a row on both short and long tracks. more info to follow in the coming days...
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  9. You're going to switch from Bentley??
  10. looking that way, it's let me and AC down one too many times in terms of reliability. I was better off in the aston GTE lol. I've pretty much concluded the Bentley is a great sprint race car but it's just not for endurance stints (in pcars that is). shame
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  11. Well, I hope someone picks up where you left off! The Bentley is too nice to be left off the grid. I'm sure someone will grab it, I know I would.
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  12. It sounds amazing, it feels great, and decently quick for such a fat fragile pig, but that's the thing. It's extremely fragile compared to most of the other cars on the grid, and once the tires get anywhere near halfway worn they suffer from what I can only describe as inconsistent levels of grip and have an unpredictable traction breakaway feel. In races less than 15-20 laps it's amazing and im able to keep up, but any longer than that and it starts rearing its fat head, lol.
  13. AbeWoz

    Premium Member

    Welp you got 2 weeks of testing. I would like to see some more GTE cars in the field
  14. Have you tried more downforce/higher tyre pressures?
  15. I was running pretty high DF and higher pressures typically break away even more quickly than what I was running. I've been all over this car for quite some time, and I've switched up my driving a bit for the things that just can't seem to be tuned out of it without sacrificing speed unfortunately. I love it, but by the end of the race I hate it lol.
  16. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium Member

    the McLaren is signifigantly lighter than the both the Bentley and the Merc. We...Well the Bentley is capable of fast laps, and even the SLS, due to more power. After 15-20 laps the tires are worn down and those heavy bitches are sliding all over the place. So I know what you mean. I half spun into the barrier 3 times in the same spot on 3 consecutive laps in turn 12 at Spa, and this was in the dry. But to be honest, I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Z4 and was improving my lap times every time I went back to a track because of something I learned at the last track. I only hope I can get there quicker in the Merc. Its a good looking car, so I guess I'll just lose in style.
  17. I don't think the Mclaren has as much power as the other GT3 cars though.
    Like I said in the lobby, in my opinion, all the cars have their strengths and weaknesses but, on balance, they are all similar in performance to meet GT3 homologation standards.
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  18. I'm already practicing and just hit my fastest lap ever at hock and I can't wait for Matt to beat it by a second and a half gonna be so sweet ...
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  19. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium Member

    What are you running Tom?
  20. Donington Spa and Hockenhiem are my tree favourite circuits haha!