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Round #2 Donington GP, UK April 6th

Discussion in 'Xbox One | World Endurance Challenge' started by Michael Watts, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Round #2 World Endurance Challenge
    Donington, UK 60 Laps
    April 6th 2016

    You Must Confirm your Participation in this Race (1) Hour before Lobby Starts
    to Receive and Invite for this Race.

    Lobby starts at: Approx 8:00pm EST
    Comms: Party Chat
    Practice: 20 mins
    Qualifying: 20 mins
    Warmup: 5 mins
    Green Flag: Approx 8:45pm EST
    Laps: 60* laps (59 Hot Laps with Parade Lap)
    Start: Standing with a Parade Lap
    Weather: Heavy Cloud, Heavy Cloud, Overcast, Light Rain. 2x progression
    According to Event Planner we should not see any Rain.
    Local Race Time: April 3rd 2016 13:00
    Assists: FIA GT3 allowed Assists (ABS, Traction) No Stability Practice Accordingly
    View: Forced Interior
    Damage: Full
    Mechanical Breakdowns: On
    Tire wear: Real
    Fuel usage: Real
    Penalties & Flags: On
    Virtual Safety Car will be active for Two or More Car Incidents, Read Rules below.
    Entry List:
    1. Michael Watts / Michaei Watts / Mercedes SLS #18 GT-Pro Dyno-Might Motorsports
    2. Nic Worsfold / EpilepticToast / Bentley #85 GT-Pro Daredevil Racing
    3.Tom Senchak / the Dalai toma / McLaren #12 GT-Pro Senchak Motorsports
    4. Brian Batiato / SpiffPF2 / Aston Martin Vantage #46 GT-Am Bat-Man Racing
    5. Cordell Walker / Beetesjuice / Corvette C7R #4 GT-Pro Beetes Racing
    6. Ben Wells / Zarf Pz / Aston Martin Vantage #99 GT-Pro Need Racing
    7. Matthew Spurrell / Haveblue112 / McLaren GT3 #60 (Orange) GT-Pro 888 Race Engineering
    8. Sean Fleming / Globespy / Mclaren #60 (blue) GT-Pro 888 Race Engineering
    9. Abe Wozniak / iHAM EAGLTHRUST / Corvette C7R #64 GT-Am Wozniak Racing
    10.Chris Chavana / Docholiday600 / Mercedes SLS #80 GT-Pro Dyno-Might Motosports
    11.Eric Cline / McNasty0421 / Cadillac ATS-V #48 GT-Pro Cline Motorsports
    12.Nic Hurtado / dicksn salsa / BMW Z4 #26 GT-Pro Dixon Fire Racing
    13. Chris Bowman / AC Hatemaker / Bentley #84 GT-Pro Daredevil Racing **
    14.Ben Kennell / IdIoT1995 / BMW Z4 #78 GT-Am Kennell Racing **
    15.Lucas Gortman / X Taco Lover XX / Corvette C7R #6 GT-Am Taco Motorsports **
    16.Tim Brook / Timmo2k / BMW Z4 #20 GT-Am 05 Motorsports**

    Track Specific
    Virtual Safety Car Rules:
    Leader will maintain an approx 70mph avg speed (2:08.0 Lap time) In the event of the leader pitting next car up will maintain said speed/lap time. If leader pits and is released ahead of 2nd placed car he must still pace himself accordingly to complete the Full Pace Lap at the 2:08.0 lap time.
    A Caution Incident at Donington, due to large run-offs, will be defined as: Two Cars with heavy Contact creating Performance Affecting Damage, or a Car loosing a wheel "On three Wheels" and trying to return to Pits.
    Single file Restarts, One Car Length separation, Leader calls the Green at the Flag Stand.
    No passing until the Flag Stand
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  2. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    :thumbsup: All Registered Drivers can give a thumbs up if they can Attend!
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  3. Im in
  4. im in caddy number 18
  5. I'm working on something big what you think the colors ok?

    Attached Files:

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  6. although my team and Chevrolet are on rocky grounds with contract disputes. More news later this week
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  7. uh oh it's time to throw the vette off the cliff hahaha. I'm in 85 Bentley- Daredevil Racing
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  8. that's awesome Ben, looks great!
  9. I'm in!
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  10. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Brian Batiato/Spiff2PF/???/Bat-Man Motorsports. May be changing my car though. Have to test this week to see if I can find anything I like.
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  11. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    that is Really Cool Ben!!! I love it. If we can get everyone set in one car for the rest of the year I could pay you a few bucks to do one for everyone. I am almost certain I will be switching to the AMG when it comes out. We can get some conformations from other drivers if they want a picture. I'm using that one as my wallpaper on my laptop right now. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  12. Well actually thats a graphic for the coverage but i intended for you to use it thats why i set it up like that but is a good idea what your saying (my Graphics inspired by f1 channel 4 coverage if anyone is wondering)
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  13. Anyone run any laps yet. I might be switching cars and have been running a few different ones on this track I'm just not sure what time is a good target time
  14. i did a few getting 1.27 /28's full fuel
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  15. :thumbsup: I'm in let's go racing and I'm gonna stay with the vette.
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  16. free open spot in the Bentley on my team Dalai... ;)
    the big girl can run high 1:26's when pushed hard with 60l fuel so not bad at all. Need more heavy fuel testing though to get an average.
  17. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Don't listen to those guys... Target Lap time is a 1:30 here.. they're just pulling your leg Tom


    Maybe you should wait for the new AMG?
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  18. oh lord if that thing is as good as it's sounding on the pcars forum we're all doomed lol. No GTE excuse for sms this time to under power it. They did relatively well with the caddy BOP so I'm expecting something similar here hopefully.
  19. Sorry for all postings last one now but just want to say i really want to make the coverage work hopefully replays work but yeah hope you like took a while :0 Everything on screen.jpg
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  20. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Looks great Ben
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