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Round 13 - Spa - Team Review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Can i request that Ash Racing's review be edited from the list i do not wish to have my driving eluded to as... 'Clumsy' when it was somthing i struggled with all week to get the car to do... work over the bumps and actualy the hard tyres would have andwere working for me so thats incorrect too...
  2. Nilsson, two s, not two l
  3. Lee it's not your review, it's done by the press, you can't control what they say.
  4. The incident between Hahnel and Prevot is under appeal so it is not final, also "didn't achieve anything worth mentioning" is just bad writing and doesn't sound very proffesional for a media team and can just be left out.
    These is just my opinions though but I hope it helps.
  5. If it is bad writing, maybe you want to join the Press department and do better?

    Anyway, I think the article is really nice and it's great we now have a few more people doing this - thanks.
  6. i tried to join two times but i never got an email asking me what i want to do so dont give us that lol.. many people would do things for fsr if the effort came to get in touch with us id love to help out.. said it to you about 15 times now..

    And the reason i didnt like it was its not written by press clayton its written by a team member of an opposite team there fore i see it as arrogance.
  7. Really nice article
  8. great stuff
  9. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    Very nice stuff as always from you FSR guys. I must admit though, a little weird to see some drivers ask for 'negative' comments to be taken down. It's the media, you take the good with the bad. If only the good stuff was posted, it wouldn't be worth reading.
  10. really nice done!!! ondrej
  11. yes, nice stuff congrats!
  12. cool to see some more Press activity.

    And Lee.... lol whatever.
  13. Say whatever, its true.. its not media its a team owner posting it lol its arrogance the idea is nice but saying it was clumsy is not good..

    I say the review was clumsy as his material is unresearched.. some of us have to work and dont get time to test every bump on the track... therefore to say its clumsy is... unjustified.. my opinion, im entitled to it as it conerns me.. no harm done.. dont like it that we are told more people could do this etc when i asked the press department 10 times if they wanted assistance lol... maybe my writing is not as good as they require :S

    Anyway cool job.. but in future perhaps research a little more before you post as there is nothing worse than unjustified press.
  14. The problem here is Lee, that Ondrej writes just as an Objective viewer, and he dont need to ask 'Lee, why did you spun it', he is just able to write what he has seen. Its an offensive kinda-style if you interpretate a bit much in it, but I think that is ok.

    I dont see any point here, that Ondrej is making PMo looking good and the rest bad or something, for me it just sums up what happened, and he has done it pretty well.

    Hopefully we will have some more like this :D

    EDIT: This is just his opinion, and maybe many people sees it differently, so does you. But still you cant change what he 'interpretates' in situations like yours happened. Just accept what he said and next time you can force him to write something you like more, when you make a good result :D
  15. anyways haha our team deserves a 7 and not a 6!!:)
  16. The review is very nicely wroite and nice to read im not saying dont do it lol.. the point im making is just be careful what you say man.. like clumsy normaly i do like alonso style flick out i obviosly would not try to overtake its just to distract as i had new tyres and can move around a lot more i just had no idea that bump was going to do that lol.. at all.. if i did know that i wuld not have done it.. i can see why you would see it looks clumsy but it makes me feel bad when i see that as it was just unknown not a mistake as such.. didnt get a chance to test that..

    The review is great i want to do something like this myself.. may look into it.. infact if you want any help in future writing such things i could help out too..

    Just rather annoyed that it got labbeled clumsy after more dissapointment lol... but on a positive side you did say we made good progress :D
  17. Nice writing. Enjoyed reading it. I am sure that people who are not involved as much in the league and just watch it as fans really really appreciate it!
    Thanks man