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Round 12: German GP, Hockenheimring ( 04-12-2016, 20:00 C.E.T. )

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2016 DNA Racing League' started by Jas Verstoppen, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium


    Hey Fellow Racing-Fanatics!

    It's time for Round 12 of our F1 2016 Ramteam Racing League.

    Round 12: German GP

    Date 4th of December 2016

    Time 20:00 C.E.T.

    CU all on track! :thumbsup:


    Jas Verstoppen
  2. Some people still need to vote!! Getting slacky here guy's.. :O_o:
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  3. I broke my brake pedal playing Assetto Corsa so I won't be able to race until next week :cry::cry:
    I've missed too many races, I'm sorry guys! :(
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  4. Ok here we go :thumbsdown::cry:

    Sorry i hit you guy's i went on the dirt lockedup there was nowhere to go.. at the time i could not pronounce the right scream :O_o:WATCH OUT :redface: INCOMMING DIVEBOMB:poop:
    Tomuch :poop: allready happend in the 5 lobby's we started before.

    I am sorry for that game, al the restarts, i was in 6th we restart... i come in first corner i think, i got spun went from 18th to 15 14 and then i wanted to much..

    I will post the rest when uploaded.

    And i would still like to thank you guy's for all sticking around!
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  5. it was a great funny race^^ not my best race and circuit but i look forward to spa :D
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  6. Qualifying Results:
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  7. Race Results:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Sorry for the many delays and restarts. There were far too many disconnects and major start crashes not too.

    as for you Rico.. be mindfull going off line. This game is especially harsh when you get marbles or worse.. on the grass.
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  9. My race: 20161204203013_1.jpg
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  10. Anyway, I took some screenshots of you guys in action 20161204200729_1.jpg 20161204200037_1.jpg 20161204200106_1.jpg 20161204200126_1.jpg 20161204200214_1.jpg 20161204200634_1.jpg
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  12. The rest..

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  14. Rico - your vid @ 18 minutes :(
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  15. What do you meen?
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  16. you locked up and crashed into me at the hairpin
  17. You came from a long way back Rico. I think Henrys point was that it was reasonable to expect him to turn in. I can see that you locked up so you couldn't bail out, but your move was too ambitious in my opinion, you should have caught him up a bit more and made the overtake later on in the lap.
  18. I locked up because he went for it, whille i was allready determent to get it done.
    You all have MIRRORS i surgest using them.
    Check your own moves guy's

    Dont put the blame on me for a shitty race.. I made one mistake i outbraked myself and hit ingemar, the rest was ghosted atm i watched the video alot, Banana even had to give me the place back.
    The only one i hit off was ingemar, i even say'd sorry to anyone i crashed still the next day i have to read this and defend myself?

    Bull:poop: I will retire then!
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  19. Just my opinion....

    Personally I'm fed up with people not driving with respect to others. I see moves that would get drivers fired in real life.

    We all make mistakes, myself firmly included. But a feel that there are several people who get involved in more incidents due to how they drive.

    If I'm out of line here then fair enough, I'll retire - I'm at the end of my tether with this anyway.
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  20. Apology accepted.
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