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Tracks rouen-les-essarts-2016-rtb long+short(revisited)+video futur update 2017 4.2


  1. drmaboul02 submitted a new resource:

    rouen-les-essarts-2016-rtb - final version , by DrMaboul !

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  2. Nice. :) Will test when i get home.

    I didnt see any information about if the track has physical bump mesh for FFB?

    Thank you.
  3. Nice track, I love the classic one and this is still faster!! amazing!
    I made a video on youtube (
    ) to share with!
  4. Hi, I tried the track, you made a nice job in creating a track. So I'd like to say thank you for that big effort :)

    But like someone else mentioned: this will never be Rouen, neither historical nor new - it is just a lets say generic track, that's all. I must say this, because I bought some 20 years ago Grand Prix Legends and they made the original Rouen1955 Track, I love so much, that is by far more realistic, than what I got here.
    - To step into deep: please watch this "live" Rouen video (it starts at 1:30 min) :

    - take a visit @ good and real cool but VERY old Grand Prix Legends Video:

    - project cars Rouen55 & 74, nice mastered, & beside my personal reason why I grabbed pcars but for sure I like AC more but it must be authentic. :)

    I do not own rfactor but I learned they got an amazing Rouen Track too that must be fun to drive? Hope I could help. But sorry I must insist, this is not Rouen55 nor 74, sorry. But thank you anyways!!


    EDIT: for this track if you "titled it as a fantasy track" I'd give you 3of5 stars, for a Rouen track I must regret, this I would rate 0 or 1 of 5 stars, but not even more.
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  5. C'est du joli travail mais la route est beaucoup trop large. C'est dommage !
    MOD-Edit: ENGLISH only here at RD.
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  6. Love the Rouen classic track, which is why I wanted to try this one.
    I know it is not real, but it looks good, seems te be well made. Fun track, a bit too wide imo.

    One other remark: trying out the Koeningsegg One, I missed my braking point in the downhill (where the little escape road is located on the left side) and found out that you can simply drive through all existing crash barriers there ! Then I tried to do that deliberately in other places, but that seems to be the only issue.
  7. Maybe it's based on the NFS Shift version.
  8. it s ok sorry! and and the width of the road I work above:)
  9. Not sure if this was an answer to my remark, but I can still drive through the crash barriers...
  10. I will correct the problem in the next upload;)
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  11. Thank you for your work and the Updates,it's a great Track a lot of Fun to drive :):):D
  12. No more driving through crash barriers, thanks for fixing that !
  13. Is it too late to offer to provide reference material to correct the track? Rouen is so beloved, always good to see interest. The GPL version was better than NFS Shift, and even Virtua_LM's Rouen while highly praised, lacks accuracy.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2016