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Tracks rouen-les-essarts-2016-rtb-extra long(revisited)+FINAL PREVIEW 2017 4.3

°WIP !!°

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  1. Neville Roberts 3.6 - version wrote:Slight AI problem. As the AI approaches the pit entry lane during a race it slows down and turns slightly as if it's going to pit then changes its mind and resumes racing.
    Still five stars though.
    For me 3.7 version same problem, + in qualify the cars dont exit, crash in to the pit wall...
    Many thanks for the track!
    Replay camera at north track are not correct (the cars flying)
  2. Hey... I know you said this was the last long version, but would there be any chance you would want to do the old mountain circuit? (The extra-extra-long version.) I was actually going to start laying out a test in RTB a while back and then saw you were modding the main circuit so I tossed the project aside. I personally love road circuits and think this would be a great addition to the Charade mod considering it's history. Cheers! And great mod either way.

    Circuit Clermont Ferrand
  3. It could be nice but long to do!
  4. I'm sorry, I really tried to like this track but there are things keeping it from being good. I appreciate the attempt to recreate Rouen, and how tough it can be as it often changed aspects of the layout, so I will not do a negative rating review.

    Would you be open to redoing the track if I can provide as-best-as-possible references for the track circa 1968? I know someone who would help me finding photos and specific videos if you wish, so you can address both layout accuracy and environment.
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  5. The problem as I have already said, it will remain like its! I have resumed the trace on google map2016 ,or not google map 1968 ! looool , for longitude lattitude, I myself looked for pictures and everything, to have reporter:
    and ...
    http://theracingline.net/racingcircuits/archives/Rouen1996/Small Grandstand 1.JPG
    And many more............
    Sorry, I do not change anything except textures
    I pass on another circuit ,, 2 years some days by if,
    some day by the, tiredness of rouennnnn, I find it very well ,,,,, sorry the friend
  6. Je comprends, mais si tu peux changer (plus haute resolution) les textures et l'ambiance, ç'aidera beaucoup.

    I understand. If you can improve the textures and details, like the trackside objects (removing some walls and huge barriers) and ambiance like in the photos of the 60's, that'll help.
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  7. gs2004


    Really enjoy this track - AI could do with a little work as cars crash into side barriers on the long straights. Excellent work though.
  8. Thank you for your update. Cam works perfectly. I just love this track!!!

    Your work is greatly appreciated
  9. The cameras were not very good, i change it's ok for update4.2
    Thank you !
  10. Thank you once again for your efforts I thought it was already perfection. Vers 4.3 is superb