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Rory Byrne back at Ferrari

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Diego Lopez, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. according to the tweet I follow:
    "Ferrari have now confirmed legendary Rory Byrne is involved in the 2014 F1 car project"
    -- http://twitter.com/andrewbensonf1

    about time, his cars are legendary, watch out Newey, your arch nemesis is back.
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  2. Is it just me but doesn't that RD title font make it look like Rory Byme? As in BYME, not BYRNE...
  3. Newey killer.
  4. south africans are smart people ;)

    i'm not sure if he's going to be working on the 2014 car full-time though, from what i've read Ferrari have hired him as a consultant.

    could be interesting to see how it goes. he was also involved in the design of the F2012, and we all know how well that car turned out :roflmao:
  5. I feel like putting oil in to the fire but I better wait until the end of 2014. :laugh:
  6. He worked as a consultant after he quit, it´s a way for Ferrari to keep him for themselves.

    Now he´s working full steam on the 2014 car, the prior cars have merely been consulting, not the same as 2014.
  7. So a Real cracker is in stored for us in 2014 in terms of Racing and Design
    I Hope Adrian comes better out of both. :)
  8. u said it
    remember that this guy worked with Toleman back in the turbo era, yet with such limited resources he was able to give Toleman a respectful car, gave Benneton a hell of a car and built Ferrari an uber dominant car(s)

    Newey might be "top dog" now since every tech dir. is a scrub excluding Lowe, but we all were witness at the beastiality Byrne machines. Not saying Newey is bad, but Byrne would the the King and Newey just the Steward.

    what a better way for Ferrari to not struggle with the 2014 rules, especially given him having experience with turbo cars in the past.
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  9. he was just a consultant, means he just gave an opinion here and there, he didnt designed it from the beginning, but im pretty sure he did get involve in the updates that gave Alonso his 40+ advantage for a while.

    If there is 1 thing I admire about Byrne, is the fast and RELIABLE cars he designs...something Newey had troubles with @ Mclaren and early RB.
  10. I will wait and watch. I don't think about the Past because Past is Past. What will happen in the Future is Important for me ;)
  11. Looks like Ferrari are already taking development for the next car very seriously. Good news!
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  12. I don't see any dedicated threads for the 2013 Ferrari, but how is that very high nose legal this year? It totally looks out of sync with both the other cars and the regulations. If that height is legal, why are everyone else bothering with those still-silly nose steps?
  13. Apparently you haven't watched the car news the last couple of weeks? Teams are allowed to cover up their nose steps to make it æsthetically better looking.
    The only cars using a nose step this year are Lotus, Red Bull and Caterham.


    Williams uses about the same nose as Ferrari btw..
  14. Yes, I obviously know about the rule, but wasn't aware that Ferrari use the vanity cover as there is no sign whatsoever of a step in the middle, unlike the other teams.

    And in that case, this renders the rule pointless in my view.
  15. Why? The actual carbon fiber nose is low (like last year), according to the rules. They just added a small (and probably as thin and light as possible) piece of plastic, which makes it look higher.
    Btw - damn, the Williams without that shark fin looks like something (a shark maybe? :D) bit a chunk of the car off :confused:
  16. If that's the case, OK. Just assumed it's made out of carbon fibre, like everything else.
  17. Even if it was, it's just screwed onto the nose, so it's not a part of the nose crush structure. In an accident the screws will probably just break and the whole thing will fly right off.
  18. In an accident, the vanity plate crumbles to million pieces while the main structure takes the impact (that's how it's suppose to work). It's made of thin carbon fiber sheet and has really minimal effect on downforce/drag. With out you got a step, with vanity plate you got long continuous area causing boundary layer increasing drag as the air tends to "stick" to surfaces. So it's a lose/lose situation as reference area stays the same. Those few teams that still have the step are just going for safe route and IMHO introduce their vanity plate later.
  19. Just by the way, I guessed as much for the rear part where the step is, but I mean I wasn't aware that it stretches so far forward, as the front tip of the nose seems much higher than last year. Was last year's tip of the nose just way lower than it could've been according to the regs, in order to have it lower than the step part, making this year's tip seem too high?