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EU Rookies - Silhouettes @ Raceway Bridge - Sunday 3rd April 2016

Discussion in 'R3E Racing Club' started by Kenny Paton, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium


    We will be running 'training' races (for lack of a better phrase) under very relaxed conditions, to allow for a place where newcomers to online sim-racing, no matter what their pace, can get used to running in a crowd.
    There will be absolutely no specific rules in these sessions, slow-down penalties will be off, as will damage.
    Nor will there be a qualifying session, so your starting position will be entirely random.
    The usual Club races are pretty relaxed, but these sessions will be entirely about getting people introduced to online racing. Whether or not you win isn't really the point of the exercise.
    Sessions will consist of 30 minutes practice, and a 10 minute race.
    This will be followed by another 30 minutes practice to talk through what we may or may not have learned, and another 10 minute race.
    The reason for keeping the races so short is that the race itself isn't all that important.
    It's getting people introduced to the online aspect that reigns supreme.
    Also, keeping the races short should avoid anyone panicking because they're getting lapped.

    Furthermore, for those that want it, there'll be some driver-training, with ride-alongs through the track, and whatever coaching can be achieved through TeamSpeak.

    So what will be covered?
    Well, that's actually up to those who sign up.
    As mentioned, there'll be a ride-along for those un-familiar with the track, and assuming I can find a volunteer, I'll try and demonstrate how to behave if you're getting lapped.
    And if the volunteer is very patient, I'll see if I can demonstrate what NOT to do.
    But aside from that, I'm open to any and all ideas as to what to cover.

    So what is expected of you in order to join?
    Not much, actually.
    Obviously you have to have R3E, but since the content we use is free, nothing further is needed.

    Everyone will be using the Canhard R51 from the Silhouette series, using the default set-up.
    If you join this session, please don't mess with the set-up.
    In order for this to work, we need to be running the same vehicle.
    It also means that if someone is faster than you, you know it's because he's running better lines, and not because of some set-up magic.

    Next, it doesn't matter how fast you are, but we do ask that you can control the car to such a degree that you can drive it without endangering others.

    Finally, for these sessions alone TeamSpeak will be mandatory.
    There is simply no way this sort of thing can be done over text-chat.
    Obviously nobody is forcing you to say anything, but we are a very friendly bunch so do chime in.
    And please don't worry if English isn't your first language. It isn't mine either.

    I would like to point out that this will be a learning experience for all involved, and that definitely includes me.
    So in order to keep the session from disintegrating into a complete shambles, participants will be limited to six people. I'll add another two on a reserve-list in case there are no-shows.

    Join us as a Freemium Member
    If you haven't raced with us before and you'd like to register for a freemium account and race online at RaceDepartment for free for a full month, sign yourself up below.

    First come, first served; just please do make sure that you have TeamSpeak and know how to connect it.
    Server password will be distributed through PMs on race-day, just so nobody accidentally wanders in and thinks it's a race.

    Racing Club Rules: click here

    Server Name: RaceDepartment
    Canhard R51 (Silhouettes series)
    Track: Raceroom Raceway, Bridge lay-out

    Session start: 12:00 GMT 13:00 BST

    Entry List
    1. Erik Springelkamp
    2. Pascal Herbig
    3. motoxy
    4. Apatride
    5. Free slot
    6. Free slot
    7. Reserve slot
    8. Reserve slot
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  2. I can use a bit of coaching.
  3. motoxy


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  4. I would like to sign up for this.
  5. Metalogic


    Will there be any more of these events? It's my wife's birthday next weekend, which means I'll probably not be able to make this session, but I could certainly do with some coaching!
  6. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Don't worry, as long as there is a need for it, we'll be doing these around once a month.
    The exact date varies from month to month, simply because we 'instructors' have lives of our own. :D
    But it'll always be a Sunday, and usually around noon GMT.
    So if you can't make this one, look for it again some time early May. :)
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  7. motoxy


    Add me in Lars. You know I need it:D
  8. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Your words, not mine, mate. :D
  9. motoxy


    Everybody's words:rolleyes:
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  10. Apatride


    I already know everything there is to know about racing... ;) But that sounds like a good idea. Please add me to the list
  11. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Same here.
    My problem is that I usually forget it all once the green lights comes on. :roflmao:
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  12. motoxy


    You are kidding aren't you? :unsure: You seen how we race:roflmao:
  13. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    It's really @Lars Hansen's words I just posted the thread, you know back when I had a computer that worked:mad:
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  14. Metalogic


    I've just been giving this track/layout a go in one of the silhouette cars, is quite fun, the bit that keeps catching me out, though is the hill just before the tunnel - it's hard to see where you are going uphill around the corner there and seems very easy to lose traction just as you're coming down the hill towards the tunnel and I've spun out quite a few times there. More practice needed! :)
  15. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    You're certainly not alone. :D
    Trust me, I've enlisted the help of a couple of more regulars for Sunday, and they have both been cursing that corner to hell and back. ;)
    What's happening is that the ground drops down right after the first corner, and you lose traction on the rear wheels just as you want to apply power.
    Here's what you do:
    First of all, treat it like two corners instead of one.
    IMMEDIATELY after you exit the chicane, straighten the wheels ,and then stomp HARD on the brakes while down-shifting into 2nd gear. And I do mean hard; there should be a brake-pedal shaped indent in your foot afterwards. ;)
    Stay in 2nd, and cut in right up to the wall. You can't see where you're going, but once the hill drops down you'll be able to roll out to the left and set up for the second corner.
    Which means a quick throttle up, into 3rd, and then a short jab on the brakes and cut in again this time just outside the curbing.
    Don't even think to ride the curb on this one, it'll unsettle the car and you'll spin off.
    Once you've cleared the top of the second hill, you can gradually get back on the power.
    But again, the hill drops out from underneath you, so be ready to counter-steer to catch the rear. And gently on the throttle....Slam it open, and I guarantee you you will spin. :)
    The hardest part is actually the initial braking after the chicane.
    It's not technically difficult, but there's a lot happening at once, so it does take some practice.
    Good news is that once you've gotten confident in that section, you've mastered the trickiest part of the course. :thumbsup:
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  16. Metalogic


    Thanks, I'll give that technique a go.
  17. Metalogic


    BTW I've been taking the initial chicane (before the hill) in 3rd gear, is that the right thing to do?
  18. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    You should be hitting 5th, then a quick downshift into 4th when you hit the chicane.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
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  19. Metalogic


    Okay, looks like I need to push harder then!
  20. I have had the worst time with those corners. I have come to like that course, but when I started this game, I hated that course due to those corners.

    There is a line, for both corners where you do not get any oversteer/counter steer or loss in traction while on the gas FULL before you crest the hill. You're car will go light as you crest, but the car is perfectly stable, just like driving on a straightaway.

    I have experienced it a few times. But your positioning has to be PERFECT and it feels like you have to go soooooo slow before you get there - I'm too impatient! :roflmao: The few times, I felt that, I was so surprised and elated, I blew the 3rd uphill right hander - Invalid lap! And I was soooo far ahead of my leaderboard ghost car. :( After seeing that, I think I'm losing half a second in just those 2 corners combined.