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Misc Romantic Monte Carlo Day to Night Race 1.2

Beautiful sunset and night scenes

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Romantic Monte Carlo race - Day to night and night races

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  2. Only for 100% race ??
  3. I think so. For short race, can use night race. Thanks to winner for another racing experience.
  4. Winner can you make Valencia,Istanbul tracks there is one mod of those tracks but it can't be downloaded
  5. Too bad then i do 50%, 100% race is too long for me.
  6. Hooollly ..,
    You're a genius!

    Do this for all tracks!! Would make my year :D
  7. will this hove a effect on multiplayer
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  8. That is one sexy GP! :thumbsup: :)
  9. Hi all. Here i share with you a lap on this track:

    I want also to thank winner for making this awesome tracks.
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  10. I have problem uploading the update: 90 MB only Edit: finally seems like ages to finish.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
  11. Winner updated Romantic Monte Carlo race with a new update entry:

    Enhanced lightings

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  12. there is a problem with download :-(
  13. I can tell you an easier way I heard this from the Bahrain night mod someone said this just copy the tod.dat and tod.xml to any track. I tested out and it works. Here is a picture from China

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  14. Just copy the tod.dat and tod.xml from the Abu dhabi folder and paste it to any track. I tested out for example in China:

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