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Helmets Rockstar Career Helmet 1.0

replaces GEN01 (first helmet selection)

  1. fluffydave submitted a new resource:

    Rockstar Career Helmet - replaces GEN01 (first helmet selection)

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  2. I use a other Helmet of the Career Mode, I gues it Line 3 and Helmet 3.

    It would work with that? :)
  3. No, You can try to rename the files into unbranded gen06 helmet, however it will appear broken. This year's game uses extra textures those are packed inside one file (incardriver.erp in the asset_groups folder), it'll need manual texture injection using Ego ERP Archiver to make it work.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
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  4. Nice work
  5. Great!!! One question though: how did you import and export the gen_01_helmet_n.tga.mipmaps and the gen_01_helmet_s.tga.mipmaps??
    Also just removing the first 70 bytes??
  6. busy working on career helmet pack, doing helmets for all teams in progress. I'll take requests after I'm done with this project.

    See helmet modding guide here: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2016-modding-questions-thread.124753/page-4

    pay attention for the files stored in incardriver.erp, details posted by Grazor.
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  7. Hey im having a bit of trouble. When ever I am in the car with the helmet, it produces raindrops all over my screen even if its in a hot desert day in bahrain. Any help would be much appreciated
  8. I did not have this issue when testing, did you have any other mod installed? I'm pretty sure the files I modded don't contain any texture for raindrops. I suggest remove mod, install backup/verify files via steam, and try reinstalling the mod.
  9. no other mods il try that
  10. cheers it appears to be fixed man. i remember checking the helmet out in instant replay and as soon as i came out of replay the raindrops started. dunno if that helps any future issues or causes but cheers anyway. awesome helmet
  11. I am just curious about something. When i don't have this mod installed it doesn't happen but when it is installed, and I'm watching replays or flashbacks, it lags a lot like down to 25-40 fps. Did you have this issue in testing?
  12. yeh sorry after further research its seems to be a game problem. Quick race or championship season etc are all fine. Its only in career. Strange.