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Apparel Rocking Helmet 1.0

Rock Music Helmet

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  1. Awesome, I really like the colours and the design :)
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  2. Yes Gerald, really like this!!
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  3. Cool design.I like it.very nice:thumbsup:Thank you Master Gerald:D
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  4. Thanks. :)
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  5. Why didn't i found this helmet earlier.Brilliant job as always, buddy:thumbsup:
    Well done.
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  6. Thanks. :)
  7. The back of the helmet! :rolleyes:
  8. Hey, i give the ideia and its fabulous, i say it will work! ;)
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  9. Great, and very nice backside!:rolleyes::thumbsup:
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  10. Thanks mate. ;)
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  11. Why I don't get this to work...? :c
  12. great thank
  13. Hey Gerald, I have 1 thing that I would like you to fix :p
    The 'Vodafone' sign on the backside of the Gen26 helmet is a bit cut. You will see on my screenshot. Any way to fix it?

  14. It's getting cut because you have fin on.
    I think my my textures don't have fin part.
    I'll update that soon.
    And why are you using Mclaren helmet while driving Toro rosso?
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  15. I know why it's getting cut :) I just want you to know :)
    Good to know that you will update :)
    I'm using McLaren while driving the Toro, because I'm driving the Toro Rosso in Apex Racing League and I did practice for Shanghai. I really like this helmet and because there is no Red Bull or Toro Rosso version I chose to use the McLaren one :)
    I'm changing my helmet for every race I do in Apex Racing League to kinda 'showcase' them while racing and if someone is watching my Race edit and they decide to like the helmet I'm using, I put a link in the description for them to download. For Shanghai I chose this helmet to 'showcase'. :)
  16. Great.
    I'll make one for Red Bull too then.
  17. Wow!
    That would be very kind. :)
    Thank you Gerald!