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Mods ROCKET v2 - Immersive Head Cam for Dirt Rally 2015-06-22

Enables Body and Head inertia simulation

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    ROCKET v2 - Immersive Head Cam for Dirt Rally - Enables Body and Head inertia simulation

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  2. The FOV is far too wide like it is zoomed backwards or away and everything is out of perspective like looking thru a fisheye lens. Sorry but thought you should have some feedback, not saying it to upset you.
  3. No that is quite alright! Whats actually happening is that you need to lower the ingame FOV slider to your liking while on the headcam. By default the slider only changes +-2.5 from set FOV, on the Head-Cam I expanded it to about +-45 degrees from set FOV. as a result you need to put it around 20% to get the original FOV you are used to. Now though if you want it a bit wider, you can go to 30 or 40%. It has minimal impact on the other cameras so you don't have to edit the slider each time you change cam.
  4. Really good work. I don't normally race with this view, but setting the FOV to 0.3/30% really has enhanced the enjoyment. I can finally drive well with this view at long last. The subtle movements are excellent. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this, and I'll look forward to any further enhancements or mods in the future.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015