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Helmets Robert Kubica Helmet Pack 1.0

Robert Kubica Helmet Pack

  1. Hi, i present to you Robert Kubica Helmet Pack. :)

    -2008 monza edition


    Thanks for:
    Gerald Chinoy - helmet 2007
    NICKRAY - helmet 2009
    Ml2166 - 3d model
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  2. no to walnąłeś siekierę teraz
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  3. Thanks great genius work greetings
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  4. What would be even better is if you also included the Photoshop projects, so that we can adapt the skins to whichever team we're driving for.
    It's kind of an immersion breaker if I'm in Toro Rosso and my helmet has Renault adverts...
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  5. That's why I'm using the 2014 version ;)
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  6. how do you install this??? it looks amazing ;) great work :)
  7. Nice package there!
    But make sure that the left and right top on the BMW and Lotus logos match. If you paint in a higher resolution (I use 6000x6000px), you can easily adjust them by moving the left logo by around 1px to the left.
  8. Thanks man! Great work!