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Roaldo Racing launches RR-01C

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Roald Reurink, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. The Roaldo Racing team launches a new car, called the RR-01C. The car will have a special livery for the next two Grand Prixs, after a new livery which was created by the designer Will Bouliere will be used.

    Roald Reurink (team-manager) said: "The new car won't be any faster due to the design, unfortunately we are not allowed to change the shape of the car. However the car is a lot more visible in the broadcasts, on track. That was one of the main reasons to change the design, the new car that will launch in a few weeks also has different colours then the plain red-white."

    "However, the car won't be faster, but our drivers will. We have found new ways to improve our pace and get closer to for example Bono Huis. With thanks to our World Trophy driver Jan-Moritz Kammann and World Championship driver Mathieu Prevot, as you may know our team-efforts and atmosphere are one of the unique strenghts of the Roaldo Racing team.
    We qualified 4th and 6th last race, our aim is a top 3 qualification for Valencia. Just a bit more luck is needed, we have two consistent fast drivers so our results must equalize our potential, which was not the case so far. This new way will make it more easier to have fast laptimes in the race. We are all looking forward to Valencia to see how far it takes us!"

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  2. Nice livery :) from the small thumbnails i thought it was the old spyker hehe
  3. Is it just me or is that information slightly confusing? :wink:
    And didn't you use the car in Montreal already? It was pretty big in my mirrors! :wink:

    No matter how it's called then, it's a nice car. :)
  4. Thanks :)

    And Dennis, next 2 GPs: orange car (World Cup car)
    After those 2 GPs: the Will Boliere car
  5. nice car roald
  6. So the orange car is the RR-01C and after the World Cup you will use a new livery designed by Will Bouliere?

    Very nice either way.
  7. Nice car guys.. I think I saw it a bit too much in my race at Montreal xD
  8. When making the post I changed the carname to RR-02 but that was wrong, as the title said otherwise...changed it now. The new car in +- 4 weeks will be RR-02 :)

    Doesnt matter anyway, as long as the Orange will be on the podium in Valencia. And Netherlands win from Denmark.