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Road/Oval combined or 2 cars MC

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dario Jagar, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. 2 cars multiclass (cars poll later)

  2. 1 car Road/Oval combined (car poll later)

  1. ok guys, based on this:

    we are coming closer...

    opt 1 says it all
    opt 2 there is several sub-options actually
    • run only road part (every second week), points separate
    • run only oval part (every other week), points separate
    • run both
    so, I would like to hear yours opinions on this, would it be mandatory for league to sign up for both or we shall treat it as two sub-leagues (my preference based on fact that not everyone have all tracks or wants to drive both)
    so far nothing is written in stone so feel free to voice your opinions, for sure we will take it into acount
    poll options: NO multiple responses, public, will close in 7 days
  2. poll closing tommorow...
  3. #2: LM, Dallara, or SM (short ovals)

    "Out of the Box" = Road + Oval in Lotus 79 (car is fun on ovals!).

    Combine the points! I am in a league now (Indycar) and there are guys who do well on the ovals, guys who do well on the road courses, and guys who are just decent at both - and there is a fight between all three types at the top of the standings.
  4. ok guys, 2 cars MC it is, and now to choose cars, tintops I guess, correct me if I am wrong

    doesn┬┤t make much sense to use different open wheelers?