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Released Road of Ujezd v0.5

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Dzalud, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Very nice sprint-like track, I like it! Fast and slow corners plus some very tricky places. Nice challenge!

    At some corners, it's possible to cut very much, maybe these corners could be "dirty" and bit slippy? If that's possible with BTB ofcourse. But af far as I know, there's a possibility to mix materials am I right? Some sort of muddy tarmac and grass with mud came visible... :)
  2. I'm glad that you like the track :). Yes, you're right. I do not know if it is in BTB. I think of something. Thank you for your comment!:)
  3. Can you share some link that I don't need to login anywhere please? (that one from megaupload seems not working). Thanks!
  4. The track is very good - narrow and some places can be really dangerous. I like the road surfaces/profiles, they seem to be natural/realisctic. Good work!
    Still, if you let me - some comments:
    - the terrain could have smother shape in some places, including the close roadsides. If you are not thinking of converting the track to original RBR format, you can use some terrain materials blending to make roadsides more interesting.
    - as Nypyli said, there are many chances for cutting the corners - there's even one HUGE shortcut on the field and I could skip the whole route and go to finish almost right after I started (the first brown field). I mean, I always like to drive the whole track and I don't like to cheat, but some more obstacles and invisible walls could make your track more realistic.
    - check the pacenoces again - f.e. first right turn should be "90 right" instead of "hairpin" IMO. Also, some other "90 left" seemed more like hairpin for me. The bridge does not seem to be "long" ;)
    - I've spent a while studying exported textures - most of them are unnessesarily big, also they don't need to be saved as DTX 3 when they are not transparent. More - I found that using mip-maps for objects/vegetation is a waste (for RBR). So, I have optimised these textures - you can check them/download from here:
    Maybe you like them, since instead of 70 Megs now they weight 40 Mb ;) And for me - there's no difference in view. Maybe in very high screen resolutions there could be some small difference... (paste the extracted folder in your RBR-Game/RX_CONTENT/Tracks/Road Of Ujezd/ - just for a while. The next export you do from btb will overwrite my "propositions")
    I've also changed color of the water and that rock wall (terrain) - hope they fit nicely now.
    - then I wonder why there are four exactly the same textures for houses. I guess, you can merge their materials into one and use just one texture instead of four. The houses from Czech stages are really good!
    - the bridge texture is a total waste... More than 2 Megs for just small bridge? There could be some another object (with much smaller texture), or just short road piece shaped like that. If you have troubles, I can make the bridge again for you. I just need dimensions. PM me if you like the idea :)

    Since it's version 0,5 - I believe you have more improvements in your mind and I thank you for sharing the track.
    Happy building :)
  5. Hi, you have a great ideas!thanks you for your comment. I I will try your textures.
    - bridge is from GB xpack...you're right. It is not ideal
    - and yes - i I work all the time on this track :work:
    - i have already fixed pacenotes
    - so again thanks you for your comment(sorry for my bad english :frown: )

    and i have one question - how can i merge 2 different parts of road in BTB?
  6. Please remember that if you do something with materials (change names, links, merge them etc.) - you have first to remove objects and other things that are connected with them - from your track. Otherwise your project will crash. Always make a backup of the track or maybe even of xpacks you are modyfing :) My English is also not good, I hope you understand me somehow ;)
  7. looks great...any change you exported it to rF..or BTB project is fine too
  8. new screenshots

    new screens

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  9. NEW VERSION 0.89

    - better textures - the way, the grass :good:
    - new objects - vegetation, poles :good:
    - corrected pacenotes :good:
    - repaired bridge :good:
    - field added (+fence) - to avoid cutting :good:
    - more offset from the road fence :good:

    I hope you enjoy it! :letsgoracing:
  10. While going back I stopped here because of some invisible wall across the road...
    500 meters earlier - some "90 right - cut" - into an obstacle.

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  11. Screenshot Škoda Fabia S2000 EVO II


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