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Rise of Flight's business model in racesims?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Brett Thornton, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Rise of Flight

    I play this casually.

    This pricing model was kind scary to me at first, but after a 1/2 a year its grown on me. You purchase the base game, available digitally, or in hard copy. This version has several planes, although no where near the full line up. All (most?) of the content is available in in the starting package, but only to play against/with . ie... you only fly the planes you "bought".

    There are NO monthly fees, only "dlc" like purchases of planes. Online, and offline play, with a login type drm thing.

    The developers are active within the community, and development/maintanece of all content (fixing bugs in all content, not just farming dlc for cash) seems to be there plan.

    I'm not trying sell anyone on the sim, it meets my standards. Just wonder if people think this would work for a high fidelity driving sim.
  2. Sounds a bit like Gran Turismo for planes, but with real money instead of GT credits.
  3. this game (sim?) looks really good :)
  4. Yeah, it's pretty special.

    It had a tough launch, but is getting polished now. I can get lost just looking at the models on the ground. Damage modeling is insane.

    I wish I had time to play it more.

    I think read somewhere from the devs that if they ever cease operations they'll kill the login drm.

    Dedicated servers are supported too, its a damn shame that has to be said. Anyone releasing pc multiplayers sims w/out dedicated servers is an ass.
  5. So... a lot like iRacing then?
  6. It has some things in common w/iRacing. Cutting edge fidelity in their genres, the buy a starter pack/dlc paths, devs with the income/motivation to stay with their projects, and more. Both are "closed" sims, only modding I know of is skinning.

    RoF has no monthly fees, but doesn't provide the backbone for competition iRacing has.

    iRacing looks great to me, I think I could be a lvl 85 warlock.... oh wait different obbsession :p. Totally joking, but I could see myself getting in too deep.