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RIDE (The new Grand Turismo of Motorcycles)

Discussion in 'RIDE' started by Aaron Smythe, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. No doubt the mod ability will be reasonable in the new Milestone game Ride. So thought I would start something. Anyone Modding the Demo yet?
    Or anyone Planning on Modding this Game?:O_o:
  2. The new Tourist Throphy if i may? ;-)

    Iam downloading the game now from steam, hoping to have a look at the files today. hope its as easy to mod as the other MotoGP games :)
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  3. Ride isn't bad but its still no replacement for Tourist Trophy. Really boggling that PD hasn't made an updated Tourist Trophy for the PS4, or even the PS3 for that matter.
  4. Well. I have been playing Ride for a full day now. Yeah , Its a bit different to Tourist Trophy.
    Still I would give it an 8/10 . But then I am just a bike nutter:D

    More Bikes Please Milestone , and more tracks ie:
    Hayabusa Gsxr 1300 , Zx 1200r , Tl1ooos , 2001 Gsxr 1000 , Slab side Suzuki 750 / 1100 1986 >
    Laguna Seca , Phillip Island etc
  5. played some today....love the graphics... need more tracks though.....wish that i could fine tune and adjust the controls ....with the demo i couldn't use a wheel at all......with the full game i was happy to find the wheel (G27)worked.......one thing, any of you know if there a helmet view? if so how do i change to it?
  6. I do like the Forza-style upgrade menu though which is miles ahead of any Gran Turismo game. My only gripe so far is that the bikes feel a little slow to respond, leaning seems a little slow and transitions from one side to another feels a little slow as well. Otherwise, its the best street style bike game since Tourist Trophy. Its certainly a very decent game, especially for $39.99.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
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  7. I agree now after i have been playing it for a day! (15 hours)

    I just started to take a look at the modding, and it is just as i predicted. Its basicly the same as MotoGP when it comes to modding, only problem is that once any MIX file has been changed, you cant save your progress or play online (like before) so maybe its fun modding when you have completed the game :p i will atleast mod my bikes just for fun :)
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  8. could not resist :p

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  9. Any chance to put MotoGP tracks into Ride ?
  10. I dont know, but i think that you are gonna have to rewrite the menu or at least replace the track with the ones in the game, and if so, then the AI has to be remapped for those tracks? i dont know, never done so but anyone who knows more about that might share some light?
  11. I already try to add a track and had a error after launch the game. I will trying to replace and about the AI I don't know, if I can ride alone on the Bugatti, it's a good start :D
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. i also ant to make skins for RIDE specially sbk liveries or helmets i´ve already made crutchlow´s helmet
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  14. Have you manage to get around the corrupt save file after modding any MIX files?
    As soon as you mod the game it senses a change in file size and say the game is corrupt.
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I am terrible with a controller but never find I can play these bike games on a wheel. The turning is just too slow which is a real shame as I really fancy playing something like this.
  16. I have now a big problem with RIDE . I made a skin for Suzuki , then i saved it to folder with msbk.mix and then made a mix file using by mixfile remixer. I played a game and after some loading screen it ALWAYS crashed.
    Now im reinstalling the game and not making any skins until somebody help me or Milestone release a patch... im very angry of this game...
  17. Launched the game for some hardcore racing and as soon as I enter world-tour it says save file data corrupted. Now I can't play career. Waiting for patch...
  18. Having followed the individual bike trailers released on their youtube channel, I thought Ride was just going to be a gimmick / cash grab. Having played it for a couple hours though, I was pleasantly surprised.

    I'm really liking all the bike customization. And racing around in the twisties is just awesome. I'm happy to finally see anti-aliasing and ghost in time trial.

    As for negatives, no weather or bike damage.

    Otherwise, solid first IP release. 7/10.

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  19. Step 1 - Do not delete your game save. Step 2 - Go to your bike garage Step 3 - Change to a different bike Step 4 - The game saves, (which seems to resolve the issue) Step 5 - Go and play
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  20. I read on the Steam forums that Milestone stated they won't be supporting mods to the this game.