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Ride Height + MOTEC

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by dvarrin, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to do some car setup, but I'm getting something wrong in MOTEC.

    The ride heights between front and back seems to be reversed. If I increase the height at the rear, in motec I see that the rear height is even more lower than the front height. And when I'm braking, it shows that the rear height is going lower than the front, which is not possible when braking.

    Any idea? Is it possible to change some config file and reverse front and rear heights?

  2. Are you using MOTEC i2 Pro? im not an expert on setting up cars but would sure like to know if MOTEC software works with Race07 like in Gtr2?
  3. Yes, I've installed the last version of Motec i2 Pro. It was working in GTR2 and the rest seems to work in GTR Evolution. I only noticed that Ride Height is false.
  4. Works here. Just check it on a straight while accelerating. While braking rear should go up and front should come down. Use the default setup just in case there is a major disparity somewhere.
  5. You have tried in GTR Evolution? Could you please post a screenshot of what you see in MOTEC?

    This is what I'm getting, but that's not the default setup. Anyway if it works only with default setup, that's not really good :-(

    You can see that during braking, both front and rear end are going down and rear height is even below front height. But front height should go down and rear height should go up.

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  6. what a brake bias do you use? it looks really mysterious!
  7. I have 58 Front/42 Rear.

    And in MOTEC the formulas for Ride Height are the one from the template:

    Ride Height Front = (Ride Height FL + Ride Height FR)/2

    I have the french version. Perhaps there is a bug some where.
  8. Here you go. First table is ride heights, second is difference, third is difference histogram. I asked for the default setup just to make sure the problem is not in the setup.

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  9. Woww! I wish I could have that too. Perhaps there is a bug in the french version of the game. There must be a physics problem as when I'm driving too, the car keeps on bumping more and more in turns until I go straight again.

    Perhaps it is a problem with the BMW 320. I haven't tried with an other car.

    In attachment, this is a lap in Monza with the BMW. Look at the dampers velocity. That's crazy.

    Which car were you using Eagleone?

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  10. You are driving forward right...? ;)
  11. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: Yes, I think ;-) I was wondering too.

    Anybody could try with the BMW to see if it happends too?
  12. I tried with an other car and it looks ok. I think it's a bug with the BMW 320.
  13. Lister Storm (GT pro)
  14. Well a lot of time later I have the same problem. When I brake Motec show that both front and rear go down...
    I've tryed with Honda, Chevry, BMW, Seat but no luck. Anyone else?