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RIDE by Milestone

Discussion in 'RIDE' started by Sergey Yashin, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Man, this game is amazing, the bikes the tracks are super detailed and the graphics are really good too. My 280X is running fine with some slowdowns on tv replay. Here's a gameplay vid:
  2. Its a lot better than the demo but in my opinion the bikes feel a bit stiff to me. I wish they were a little bit quicker to respond. They just feel a little slow to lean and transition from one side to the other.
  3. Someone know where i can find my save file ? Ohh... I find it: AppData\Roaming\Milestone
  4. @bike
    I found that bikes are very different one from each one another, so maybe you could try to elaborate (modify) your bike parts or buy a different one that suit you more.
    Some bikes are perfect for late breaking, others for more speed in corners, etc
  5. As I progressed further, I found the modern Super bikes and Race bikes to be a lot more responsive.
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