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Ride 2 WIP Thread

Discussion in 'RIDE 2 Mods' started by Jan Volenec, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Post your WIP stuff
  2. Im making this now so If anyone was interrested in having it
    Still in progress
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  3. Super livery!!! ;)
  4. I will release this with Yamaha R1 livery
    BUT .... i need to find where i can edit ( remove or change position of numbers on some bikes so i can use real race numbers )
    These RIDE 2 ugly numbers absolutely destroy the whole livery.. especially on Panigale R


    If someone wanna help me please try to find a solution how to edit these race numbers
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  5. ReZ


  6. From VR46 ??
    It is not easy as simply add MIX folders in game directory isnt it ?
  7. ReZ


    yes from VR46 :) ... took me a few days of research, database editing and countless gamecrashes/restarts ... but now i can take any track from VR and put it into Ride2 ... sadly in misanokart the AI is pretty stupid,and the starting grid is messed up.
    on some other tracks i have the problem, that the safetycar is always standing in the grid (lucky it has no collisions) - til now i found only Assen2002 without one.
    maybe i should try the other way around an bring Nordschleife and UlsterGP to VR46 :rolleyes:

    tracks from SLRE would also be worth a try ... pikes peak or some asphalt stages :D
  8. It is for reqs thread but could you please upload tracks for WSBK e.g. Jerez or Losail ?? thanks
  9. ReZ


    if you already have VR46, you already got the tracks ;) there is no need to edit the original files from VR, everything works just with database edits in Ride2 no track is replaced ingame, instead they are added to the list ... so i would either upload edited database or the bml-files ... both ways keep you away from online playing and make it pretty much impossible for me to release single tracks, but i could make a special edition for you with just those 2 tracks (or some more) added.
    Jerez should be quick and easy, but Losail night setting could make things tricky.

    small update : Jerez is done , clear, cloudy, rain and drying wet track settings.
    i just cannot find a way to make the safetycar in the startinggrid dissapear without editing the textures in jerez.mix (and this is not what i am aiming for)

    another small hickup ... the game screws up the finishing order ... so first is last place, second is 15th place and so on. this happens with every track so far.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
  10. Awsome! Good job ReZ!
    I would love to see if anyone could unlock the restriction the smaller tracks. For example the supermoto tracks, cant ride big twostrokes on them :-(
  11. Okay... bad news ( maybe just for me )
    RD deleted my mod ( for no reason ) Maybe because it was for money but im still making liveries.. But because of this i will not post it to RD anymore.
    I have created my Fb page ( i dont know if i can post a link ) it is named JV Design (black white profile photo ) so i would be very glad if anyone like this page and then maybe try my mods.
    Maybe i will post some WIPs to this thread but not downloads .. not anymore..

    i would be very proud if anyone share my page to their friends or co-riders
    Have a nice day
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  12. ReZ


    I present ... Sebastien Loeb Ride Revolution
    @KennyBarroz ... yeah i am also trying to remove restrictions for classes / tracks ... so i can hunt big bikes with my supermoto^^ ... hm..in data.mix there is DB_tracks.bml... every track has "TrackCategoryGroup_key"... if you set it from Supermotard to Circuit ... you should be able to use all bikes there
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2016
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  13. Yeah it worked just like you said! Now i can race with my 250 on the supermoto track :D wonderful!

    Now i just need to learn how to import bikes and tracks from VR46
    Lets collaborate this into a great mod!
  14. I do have the VR46 game, i have been trying to figure out how to add the tracks, but the game still crashes? wont work :-(
  15. ReZ


    took me a few days and nerves to figure out how to import tracks...but bikes will be really complicated I fear. tried a few ways... and always got weird results :(
    for tracks , i will upload the bml.files you need to replace in you data.mix and gfxgem.mix after it's rebuild (todays update rewrote the file) , so you can at least try 4 tracks and have an example file.

    oh and download the demo of sebastien loeb rally if you want to have a extra fun track^^
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  16. haha awsome ReZ! Good job!
  17. ReZ


    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
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  18. hey rez,good work to see i'm interested how you do to import in ride vr46 tracks cause i would like to make the same from vr46 to motogp15, i have tried before but without resoults can you explain your procedure? thanks also i noticed about to import bikes i can tell you that's very difficoult to import bikes
  19. Crying right now, just like a track day at Jerez! Finally!