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Ride 2 - Superbikes of Yesteryear 1.0

Ride 2 power handeling and replica Mod

  1. Aaron Smythe

    Aaron Smythe

    Aaron Smythe submitted a new resource:

    Ride 2 - Superbikes of Yesteryear - Ride 2 power handeling and replica Mod

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  2. Aaron Smythe

    Aaron Smythe

    INSTALL - Extract Rar
    You will see in the main folder all the names of the bikes , physics folder and DB_VEHICLEELABERATIONFILTERS.BML and DB_VEHICLES.BML

    O.k , lets start with the skins .
    In each named folder for each bike is ' the chassis number ' (eg. CHASSIS_035)
    Now , using Mix File Remixer navigate to the chassis in RIDE 2/Bikes/Chassis/chassis_035mixfile ... for example .
    Chassis 035 would be the Bimota .
    Extract the 'Chassis Mixfile to the desktop or wherever you are working with the files.
    Once extracted you should see the extracted file as a 'Bikes' Folder .
    Copying and pasting the Modded DDS File over the extracted folder DDS file will modify the bike Skin .
    Once pasted/copied over you need to use File Remixer to mix back over to RIDE 2/Bikes/Chassis/chassis_035 . (the same place as from where you extracted it )

    You will need to do each bike separately from the knowledge I have .

    Physics -
    In the Extracted 'Superbikes of Yesteryear' Folder you will see a PHYSICS folder .
    Using again 'File Remixer Programme extract from the Main Ride 2 Folder (installed Ride 2) The 'DATA' mixer File . Extract this to your desktop or wherever you are working with it.
    Navigate through the extracted DATA folder to DATA/PHYSICS/VEHICLES/PLAYER DATA ..... you will then see all the Bike brand names . Go in to each brand manufacturer of each modded bike (you will see in the modded physics folder each of the six superbikes , they will be .BML files . Copy and paste these into the corresponding brand names ...eg in DUCATI you would put the 916.BML file into.
    This gives the bikes the new power light weight etc.

    Now before remixing the DATA folder back up into ride 2 we might as well deal with the DB_ files .

    In the Extracted DATA mixfile that has become a DATA folder on your desktop or whatever you work on . Go in again and you will see DATA/DB
    Paste the DB_VEHICLES.BML file from the 'Superbikes of yesteryear ' folder into 'DATA/DB'
    We are then left with just the DB_VEHICLEELABORATIONFILTERS.BML in the Superbikes yesteryear folder .
    This Last BML file goes pasted into DATA/DB/PLAYERPROFILE
    Once this has been pasted over you will be ready to just remix back into the main install RIDE 2 Folder , back into its DATA mixfile .

    All go . I will add more info/stuff later as am out of time ;-)