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Ride 2 Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'RIDE 2 Mods' started by Jan Volenec, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Post your requests here..
  2. ReZ



    would be pretty nice to have this paintjob in the game.
    Honda VTR SP2 Laguna Seca.
  3. Please I really like to see this mod , Cbr600rr 2011 tricolour

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  4. Please, Irequestthe motorcycle club jacket for game ride2
    as shown below Ride 2016-10-29 17-13-34-794.jpg
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  5. Could anyone make a change that AI riders could use more TEAM bikes ?? I mean some Superbike teams.. They always use only modified street bikes
  6. Is there any way to make the odometer Speed number bigger?
  7. Can you make a repsol Livery for CBR1000RR pls
  8. Hello bro ! I want to request to you to make a CBR600RR liveries, the 2009 and 2015 one. Hope you can make livery for both of them, or at least one of them PhotoGrid_1481018885803.png
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  9. Anyone ? There's nobody to make me 2 CBR600RR's livery ? Please ... I can't make it on my own ...
  10. Make it yourself and dont bother me in PM
  11. Sorry for the PM bro, but i've tried many times to repaint it my self, since Ride, it always fail.