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Ride 2 Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'RIDE 2 Mods' started by Jan Volenec, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Do you wanna ask something about modding in Ride 2 ?
    Ask below
  2. I would like to change the sounds of motorcycles, I extracted the files with the remixer program, how can I import them into the program fmod study to modify them?

    Many thanks! ;)
  3. .BANK audio files are not editable in no way.
    As far as i know, still nobody have made a decompiler.
    You would need the original FMod project and source files.
  4. Anyone know where to find race numbers or delete numbers for some specific bikes ?? Thanks
  5. Hi guys! Just got a copy of Ride2, i promised myself never to buy another Milestone game until they made some significant progress... Well played Milestone! They managed to get the bikes right and the feeling is getting there, but the Multiplayer and the skins are not quite as you like them to be.

    I dont like the way they sorted all the bikes now, now you have to open each and every mix file to search for the correct bike skin to modify...
  6. Yeah RIDE is only game they can get more time to make it and it looks like that.. But i dont understand new MIX system. Finding numbers are difficult as well and i can´t release my skins because of these BIG and ugly numbers as they are on full front of the bike
  7. ReZ


    yes :) i found it ... unpack GfxGem.mix -> in the folder BIKE -> GFXGEM_CHASSIS.BML
    there you will see every bike/liverie has a Parameter "Number" ... on racebikes set this from "both" to "none" and repack your mixfile and be happy :)
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  8. I ve solved it as well but i made number texture transparent, so no bikes dont have a number right now and i like it because i hate this number font even it is small
  9. Anybody know how to change exhaust muffler and manifold from bike from one category to bike in other category ? If i want to change exhaust in same category it shows ok but if i wanted to change it to exhaust from stock bike to superbike then shows no exhaust.. any ideas ?
  10. I have not yeat found the performance exhaust from the RS250 (Arrow) which i want to modify. i start to think its encrypted....
  11. You will find it in GFGEM and it is sorted by bike model so it could be below stock exhaust of this bike
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  12. Has anyone noticed the Bimota SB8Kr that is A.i controlled ??. I noticed it when racing the TL1000R at Monza . This would be a good addition to unlock
  13. But there is no DDS file, just BML? I want the dds file so i can make a completely different exhaust skin for the performance exhaust.
  14. in Bike section there is sub-folders named Accesorries, Exhaust and Wheels... It is for sure in exhaust ... these MIX files ae soooooo big... about 6k files in exhaust mix file so be careful...
  15. i have been looking but its not easy to pin point where they are, and yes... they are huge. sucks to search and when you find it, it becomes a struggle to make it work, easier before when the exhaust was baked in with the skin of the bike.
    1. Has anyone found the Kawasaki ZX-R 750 in the Chassis .MIX files? let me know the number of the chassis please !!
  16. i have seen it, its easy to find it.
    All the manufactures are listed in the hundreds, for example 100-199 = BMW | 200-299 = Ducati
    U have to extract all the chassis one by one to find Kawasaki group, then its all about finding the right model. good luck :)
  17. ReZ


    its much easier than you say .... reading post #7 first would be a good idea ;)
    same file ... look for "Model" in there ... its telling you which mixfile will be loaded for each bike... 003 = aprillia RS250 .... ZXR-750 would be "Model" 326 or 326.mix :)

    btw. would be pretty nice to have a forum subsection for modding-knowledge or something - so people can post stuff like ..."how to find bike X" or "how to find helmet Y" etc etc etc....
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  18. Thank you :D
  19. ReZ


    How do I identify my teammates / bikecombo ? I wanna give them other bikes, for example take that useless ducati 916 away from emily jones.