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RIDE 2 - Content Wishlist/Discussion

Discussion in 'RIDE' started by Matthew327, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,

    with just over a weak until the dreaded highly anticipated release of Ride 2 by the infamous highly revered Milestone development team, I'd like to start a discussion about content we'd love to see in future DLCs. Overall, Milestone have announced a total of 190 bikes in the initial release, with several DLCs coming from November to July.

    What I'd like to know from you: Which bikes/tracks would you like to see in the DLCs? (I am well aware that Milestone will by no means will most likely not listen to the community, but who knows? At least Jan Volenec got a response from them...)
  2. Almost bought it on sight when I realized there were some DLC packs already. Looks like a solid game, as close to Tourist Trophy as it gets, even better if you consider there is AI in this. Will surely grab this at some point.
  3. So I do have a few hours of experience with Ride 2 now, here's my first impression:

    Physics-wise, not much has changed in comparison to the MotoGP games or the first installment of Ride. Two things have improved though:
    1. The bikes don't feel as stable and heavy as they used to. They're wobbling all over the place, especially on tracks with a lot of bumps. Definitely an improvement.
    2. Riders don't fall off their bikes at the slightest touch. Even if you make contact, they'll usually stay on their bike, adding a lot to realism IMHO.
    In terms of customization, there's not much to be said. The game features a huge variety of different helmets, suits, gloves, boots and whatnot, making it fairly easy to identify with your rider. Same goes for the bikes, even though in particular the paint jobs are fairly limited.

    On a negative note, all the tracks seem to be a bit off dimension-wise. While the length seems credible, many tracks look a lot narrower than I perceived them in reality. This is particularly obvious at the Nordschleife, where some sections don't look one bit like the real thing.

    Overall, if you enjoyed the first RIDE, the second installment is certainly worth a look. The variety of bikes is larger than before, and while there's still a lot that could be improved, in general it's a very enjoyable game, especially if you're into weird things like racing a Yamaha R1M around the Nordschleife or doing a Supermoto race in the streets of Macau.
  4. @Bram or any other admin (sorry Bram, you were the first to come to my mind), maybe we could get a separate sub-forum for Ride 2? :) Thanks in advance! (Please also move this thread there)
  5. I wish for an option to decrease Field of View (FOV) and offset head position for helmet view. The current perspective is too much making roads feel narrow and corners odd. I hope they modify it or someone post a mod tutorial for so. There a lack of vibration, wind noise and overall raw nature of motorcycling prevailing in Ride1. Apart from it ...road textures are flat and clouds too bland when compared with Ride 1.
  6. Hello guys, somebody it can help modding sounds?
    I extracted the files .bank in Ride 2, how can I do to open them in Fmod program to change them?

    The physics of the bikes in which files are located?

    Thanks to those who helped me ...;)
  7. Hi guys, there are a lot of folders named chassisXXX.Mix in Ride 2 .. I used Mixfile Remixer as always but bike i have modded ( R1M ) dissapeared. Anyone know how to fix it ? I have no idea how good is RIde 2 for modding etc.. I used SBK X in Remixer as always