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Richard Burns Rally

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by pauliebhoy, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. I got it when it 1st came out and i've never looked back. This to me is a truely awsome sim, i don't think it will ever be beaten for the hardcore game that it is.

    fwiw... a frien' of mine brought(sneaked) his xbox to my house one night, and i said to him "you ain't gonna plug that thing in here are ya'" he said "it's cool i've brought RBR Rally with me" i said "oh that's ok then - on ye go" lol.
    And i did find that with all settings set to simulation, you'd be hard pushed to find any differences in handling between the xbox and pc version.

    When warthog put that sim on the xbox, they left it unadulterated...
    but i still would'nt have an xbox in the house lol. Maybe a 360 if RBR2 came out but that would be about it...
  2. heeey, i still have this game, i played it quite a lot back 2 years ago or so.

    I even did hold a world record for a stage at France for couple of months. :) but dont ask me which stage it was and what was the time... :))))
  3. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Yes, Great game but hard,
    Its a shame it didnt come with net play out of the box but RBR net sorted out that problem. I must say I havnt played it in a very long time tho.
  4. "Jeux plane" maybe.?? the one that's about 11-13km. I managed to get a time that was only about 5-6sec off BHMS top time. I did it in the lancer Evo 7 with an extremely stiff setup and i had a 96" projector screen at the time. It was wicked - frien's sitting there watchin' startin' to feel sick. lol...
    Hey atti i'm positive i've still got some of the replays on one of my hard drive's somewhere... I'll dig them out when i get some time to search them down and maybe upload them for a laugh.

    EDIT: Just found a 5'17.xxx for "jeux plane" well that's what my replays named as, so i'll check it out to make sure and post it. hehehe...

    although it's named pauliebhoy 5'17 in the .rar it's actually 5'19.062
    Replay RBR attached... always driven in cockpit left side.

    Attached Files:

  5. no no, it was different, somthing like Cote D'abroz or i dunno, stg around 2 and a hlaf minute mainly uphill section, with several U-turn uphill corners at the first sector.
  6. Yeh, i know it. Brilliant reversed too. As the japanese would say "twicky wittle co-na". post #5 updated with jeux plane replay. hehehe...
  7. How does the PC version of RBR differ from the PS2 version (which I have)? Since I can use a widescreen LCD display(dell 2407wfp) for the PC (rather than a TV for the ps2), is it worth buying the PC version of RBR? Will the graphics be much better?
  8. Well i've never Driven it on a PS2 so cannot make an assessment for you. But as i mentioned in post #7, you'd be hard fought to find a difference in the xbox version (pro settings/simulation/handling)- although it's totally different coding. What i can say is the PC version let's you use multiple controllers simultaneously - so for me, it lets me plugin a clutch pedal and my h/built 8spd-R shifter. But yeah, it's worth just having as the ultimate and true pc rally sim...

    Oh... graphics will be better on an lcd (higher res.) rather than on a crt.
  9. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

  10. Very true, not to mention single stage and single rally plugins. There was also another plugin as i recall (still got it somewhere)custom rally championship.?? or something like that.?? You could have a championship with a near unlimited amont of stages and also repeat any or all stages. just can't remember what it it was called.
    But i set 1 up that was like 84 stages long - now if only they could all be joined end2end. lol.
    I think i need to start digging through these HD's again. hehe...

    ps. Woah, how could we forget to mention about the other addons/mods.??
    Sound files, car packs, engines, menu's, RBRStart, setup program tool... the list goes on.
  11. Havent play RBR for a long time. No new tracks, no new vehicles:( Groub b mod was something to wait for, but i dont think it never can be done. The convert from box to pc is bad too. Box has much great high speed as in visual speak. with 640x480x16 resolution it's not running even near what Box is runing it. Any of who i know has not notise this and runing they pc much highter resolutions. When RBR is set to run in game clock on, and u but real timer on too when start driving stage like chirdonhead, u find out what i mean. You drive 200km/h and your true speed is 160 compare to box. Stil game shows that it is running smooth like silk...Almost no mater what your resolutin is.

    Best rally game ever. Cant play any other rally game anymore. i hope that one day(soon!PLS!) there will be RBR 2 for pc platform. Well...We all have a our day dreams.

    While waiting my dream, i'am forcet to play other racing games. which isn't not so bad any more:)
  12. Welcome Heppu...

    Yeah well, there's a few new .trk's and there's also new cars that can be downloaded + net play.
    I plugged an xbox rbr into an hd projector... the .res was only set to 1280x720 and it started stuttering badly on the box, the box could'nt give what i was asking it to throw out because the code was never optimised to run @higher .res, just the same as a pc spitting out 16bit@ ultra low .res(6x4). It looks bad...
    So in essence you cannot truely compare xbox' optimised (6x4x16)code to a pc that runs optimally @ say 10x7x32. There is no comparison...
    As for frame rates, or perceived... sense of speed between the box(native res) and pc (19x12x32 Ev.maxxed) - i did'nt find any difference when plugged into the 96" diag. screen appart from on the pc - better shadows, no washed out colour, no popup... In general a better experience.
  13. Hey

    I allso drive first with box, then pc, tehen box and so on. In box we have rubber band force steering wheel:) and dfp in pc. Still i set better times with box. then i get an idea to but sec watch on when start driving. My final solution (IMO) the box version just is way better than pc what is coming to feel of sens... Even with rubber force wheel:). Reasons for that might be those things you say, but thats not change the fact that box have better RBR.

    Still have to say that when i play RBR...I play it with pc:tongue:

    When i say that there is no new cars, i mean like rwd or anything else than 300hp wrc cars like focus. I only look from blackholemotorsport for something new to rbr but not for long time...You say there is new tracks? Where i can find them? Are they cool?
  14. Afai recall, they are linked to @Bhms... I think it's one of the czech or hungarian sites they link you to, just can't quite remember offhand, but it's definately talked about in the bhms forums...
    New .trk's cool.?? - well at that time they were in the early developement/beta stage but after a few months of passing they were improved a great deal, some really nice talented/gifted guys out there - respect...
    Also saying that, there was a stage from CMcR4/5.?? USA that had been brought over to RBR, but this .trk needed some serious work done to it - don't know whether it got reworked/finished or not, as this was over a year ago now.

    I'll check my old hard drives for links and see if i've got anything lying around, and also search about and see if i can come up with anything for ya' - i'll need to get in touch with some very old frien's. lol.
    I think i've still got the car importer tool and other various mods and addons that are'nt available anymore. If i get the time/chance to search/find em' i'll get in touch with authors and ask if it's ok to upload them somewhere for ya' if you want them. But i'll get back to you on that mafrien'.

    ps. did you check the replay of jeux plane(5'19.062) i posted above.?? post #5/6 .??:)
  15. Thanks for your effort.

    Didn't see that replay yet. maybe in weekend ill watch it and drive few hours RBR..... And beet your time heh, or maybe not:tongue:
  16. Still my favourite Sim game by far, even though I am more of a circuit racer - this game is simply the best SIM I've played. I still do stages every night - I do not get enough of it !
  17. I still have it somewhere :)

    And made a nice links/guide for it long ago :D

    Hansje van Hees
  18. I also have RBR, the best Rally sim by a mile. In fact, the only descent Rally Sim ever made, (maybe the first 2 CMR's were ok :) )
    Very difficult to drive but hugely enjoyable.
  19. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Thanks for reminding me fellas, pulled it out my bottom drawer and installed it this morning. It's now 2.30pm, I've got things to do, but what a fine way to pass the day:wink:
  20. To get you into RBR again...I have a nice RBR/LINKS/GUIDE Simon.

    Just beneath my name and green flag...you can give it a click :becky:

    Hansje :wink: