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Richard Burns Rally: RSRBR 2013 Available

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Tom, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Tom

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    Richard Burns Rally: RSRBR 2013 Available

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  2. Shawdad

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    Is this the best Sim Rally racing available? I tried it a few years ago but couldn't get it to work. I was thinking of trying it again.
  3. Yes. By far the best.

    Richard Burns Rally, at least. Which particular mod you choose to use (RSRBR, RBR-world, or the Czech mod) is personal preference.
    We use RSRBR in online rallies here, and have for quite some time.
  4. Newb question please, so will downloading 2013 main RSRBR and car packs, and all 4 car packs, just overwrite my RSRBR 2012,car packs, track packs, and all 7 updates? sorry not pc savvy.
  5. Should read....and all4 track packs.
  6. Probably a lot of different/new files. I would remove 2012, and start from scratch.
  7. RallyeSim have a tutorial for the installation.
    They always advise to totally uninstall the old installations, including RBR, and to start afresh with a new RBR and RSRBR install. I always follow this advice, and have never had problems.
    Overwriting would be a huge risk.
  8. Great I will download it.
    Very nice to see Liptakov stage!
  9. I have "7zip console no working "issue with rsrbr 2013.The car painting especially with the DS3 RRC is only white,from incar view also.On Sieversdorf stage i have this problem almost every car...Never happened before....i got the invidual car packs snd not a full pack. Any ideas??...Thanks guys.
  10. Did you check all of your downloads to make sure they weren't corrupted or unfinished. RallyeSim have a file checker for the md5 to confirm them?

    I'd suggest posting over at RallyeSim, they are doing a lot of trouble shooting lately.
  11. I have a problem when i start the game from RS Center and i start it from the "GO" icon with the flag i have automatic gears..why???i want manual... :/
  12. Set manual in the RS Center settings.
  13. Senad where help me i can't find it :(
  14. Options -> Settings?
  15. I open the RS Center Menu i go to public,,and then nothing
  16. [​IMG]
  17. :) thanks man you're simply the best!!!
  18. I have the original RBR disc, but on replays the steering is stuck straight and no lock to lock showing, even though all else seems ok?

    Can I download RSRBR 2013 and not have to use my disc? I have fully uninstalled it now.
  19. You need to have the original game installed in order to run RSRBR.

    Some camera views in replays (and while driving), show just the static cockpit. You can switch to a different camera view.
  20. Is there anywhere else to download just the exe file for the track pack?
    I've done everything else, got every d/l needed but every copy of the exe file for track pack starts to run, choose language and then says file corrupt, no matter which link i get it from. It's only 900kb..:(