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rFM files and custom championship creator

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Simon Paquette, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I have a little problem and I can't figure it out. First, using Ferrariman96's custom champ creator, the created rFM(.aos) file appear like before in the rfm folder but my new custom championship is no where to be found in the game. Did anything changed with version gmc extreme? Other little problem is that anytime I start a single race, the options for the start (standing,formation,etc...) works fine but when I start any championship in the game(Freiza,Classic,v8,etc...) , they are always rolling start. In one case in retro,on one track it's set to formation lap and the pace car was starting behind the cars and ran into them to get in front of the line. I have tried changing in the rFM file,prl and gdb file but i cant seem to find a way to fix it (in the last case) or change the start of a race. Can anyone help? thank you
  2. Ferrarimans custom championship creator is no longer working, reiza have changed some of the class numbers and/or rfm codes round (reiza03, reiza04 etc). Hopefuly Ferrariman96 will see this and make some amendments (hint, hint :) ). At least in the meantime, the good news is you don't need the creator as we can now edit the files manually again.

    As for the type of start, I couldn't put my finger on it, but something seems to have changed there as well. I thought it was broken, but I have now got my season working. Apart from gdb and plr file, go into the relevant CCH file and change it there as well. (make sure to scroll all the way down, as sometimes there is more than one instance of the line RACECOND_formation=1 and the one you need is the one you most recently tried to create i.e usually the lowest one down the file, if that makes sense).
    Also, you need to do this in the right order or the file gets written over and your change does not stick. So create your championship, and just before going to first event exit game, edit the CCH file, save, then go back to game and it should work ok from there.

    Pace car starting behind the cars? I have not seen that, it sounds like a different problem, maybe a bug on that particular track.
  3. Thank you Keith. I will try the chh file tonight. Just so you know, I did change the tracks manually in the rfm file and that's how I got the pace car on the monace75 track that is out there to start behind the cars and clean the way to the front lol.very weird.
  4. You can also set the pace car to be non collideble which is what i have done and you can change that in the .cch file
  5. Thank you guys. CHH file did the trick. I had never really paid attention to that file before. Thanks again!!!