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RFE Plugin Series

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, May 24, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, just a short update... We are also almost ready to open the RFE forum adding tech material for updating tracks... but the forum in effect is already on for few testers.
    I would like to know if someone is interested into starting to understand how a track must be updated to RFE. We have a first "basic" tutorial "packed" with the some files too, especially written to be used on track developed by BTB. In case, please contact me at slowmotion@symracing.net
    Currently also the youtube channel is hidden...
  2. would be nice to be able to add this to some tracks we run on our server, ie. Canadian Grand Prix Wet.
    The track is wet but no rain. I think would be more fun with the rain. when will the plugin be ready for use?
  3. Hello Lighthorse, RFE Plugin Series is not only rain! It is much more and driving under this variable conditions is really another world. So, why don't you test it and read more about the features of the plugin?

    By the way, the RFE Modelers AID Tool has been released just a couple of days ago!! So, people that were admitted to the beta testing phase, are using it to update track and mods!!

    I'm pleased to validate any new user coming from this forum that is interested into starting to update his own tracks!! To do that, before the forum will be open to all, register to http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum (sending also an email to me to quickly activate the account! slowmotion@symracing.net )

    About a release date, I can say that the free public version (both dedicated and client side) is ready, but we want to add a mismatch check to notice drivers that join a server running RFE without having installed the client side of the plugin... I hope to release it by mid / end of July
  4. Thanks sent eMail